Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-08-19

  • I see Don Hewitt's 60 minutes of fame are up #
  • Consulting firms tied to Obama, top adviser profit from push for health care overhaul Follow the money #
  • Bob Novak. Don Hewitt. Waiting on number three. #
  • Bill Becomes Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane After all these years, Bill is the one blowing. #
  • Cash for Clunkers is a clunker: N.Y. Dealers Pull out of Clunkers Program How much to trade in Obama, Biden, et al? #
  • Life expectancy in US reaches all-time high More proof for Obama that he must have death panels #
  • Forbes rates German Chancellor Angela Merkel as "most powerful woman" Took spot following Michael Jackson's death #
  • Court says Nazi slogan is legal in English "Ja wir k√∂nnen" to once again be mindlessly chanted. #

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