Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-08-01

Things on my mind recently...

  • Flipping through hotel TV channels. Money-preacher looks like Tom Arnold. #

  • Flipping thru hotel TV. I don't understand what I'm seeing on Univision, but I can't stop watching. #

  • In Brunswick. The smell of Hercules just hit. Wife looks at me accusingly. She doesn't understand about Hercules. Yet. #

  • Driving all over St Simon's and Sea Island, looking at daughter's wedding location finalists. #

  • Put on your Sunday best, kids, we're heading to Sears! #

  • Hollywood stars flock to Cuba Once they are all there, can we stop all travel to and from the island? #tcot #

  • To Swainsboro. Niece in the Miss Southeast Georgia pageant. Her first Miss (non teen) pageant. #MissGA #

  • Forgot my suit jacket. Was worried I'd be only 1 without one at the Miss SE GA pageant. Turns out I'm the only 1 without a John Deere cap. #

  • The spotlight for the Miss SE Georgia MC shines on my head. Considering making shadow puppets to liven things up. #MissGA #

  • Sound guy for the Miss SE Georgia pageant must be on the unpaid intern program. He's overpaid. #MissGA #

  • "Urethra" Franklin? If the MC mis-pronounced my name like that, I'd be pissed. #

  • Silent auction at the Miss SE Georgia pageant. Thinking about bidding on the 8-ft pink flamingo. #MissGA #

  • Niece in the swimsuit competition (Miss SE Georgia pageant). I always catch her with her eyes closed. #

  • Niece singing in Miss SE GA pageant #

  • Niece singing in Miss SE Georgia pageant #

  • L-o-n-g pageant, no intermission. Crownings coming up. Fingers crossed. #

  • Neice didn't place in Miss SE Georgia. The young ladies that did were very talented and deserving. #MissGA #

  • Congratulations to Miss SE Georgia, Melissa Eldridge who will compete at Miss GA in Columbus next year. #MissGA #

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