Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birds fear me

Finally got around to finishing up Angry Birds.

In September, I finished playing Angry Birds on the iPad. Got 3 stars on all the levels.

That was before they came out with updates. And the Halloween version. And the Christmas version.

So, I was actually behind on my Angry Birds.

Not anymore.

I have all 3 stars on all 12 levels:

Levels 13 & 14 are "coming soon":

I have all the golden eggs:

I have 3 stars on all the Halloween levels:

And I kicked Christmas' butt:

Yes, I am the Master of Angry Birds.

Birds tremble when I approach.

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  1. Didja hear that one of the Super Bowl commercials (can't remember which one) will have an unlock code to get another level of Angry Birds? They say it is REALLY brief, so that you'll have to look frame-by-frame to see it.


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