Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Eye's Basil

You watch Red Eye? I do. And it's fun.

No, I don't stay up till 3:00 AM to watch it. That's why the Good Lord invented TiVo.

Anyway, a while back, if I recall correctly, someone named "Basil" wrote in being a jackass. Well, early this morning, it happened again.

Some ass-clown named "Basil" (the Red Eye crew pronounced it "BAY zil," like the spice) wrote in criticizing Greg for his auction of a drawing of his appendix. Not exactly the auction, but the way he went about it.

Anyway, now it seems there is someone named "Basil" (however it's pronounced) has taken it on himself to be Red Eye's gadfly.

I know that I'm not the only one named "Basil." But, I'm near the top, according to Google. Do a search for the name "Basil" and you'll find, when it refers to a human-like creature, restaurants (not me), car dealers (not me), and then a blogger (that's me!).

Whoever Red Eye's gadfly "Basil" is, it ain't me. And, unless it's a restauranteur or a car salesman, it's someone way down Google's list. Which, if he's ranked lower than me, then he truly is a piss-ant.

Anyway, I just want both of my loyal readers to know that, if you watched Red Eye, heard Greg, and wondered if I am that big of a jackass, the answer is no.

At least, not for that reason. I'm a jackass for an entirely different reason.


  1. Sure...whatever you say, Basil. And, I'm sure you didn't run for Governor of Tennessee, either.


  2. Don't make me turn this blog around!

  3. I moved to Tennessee to vote for him, too, Andy.

    Basil, you are number two or three on Teh Google for basil. Bing? I cannot find you five pages deep. I guess that is the one search that Bing is not cheating off of Teh Google on.

  4. No-show on teh Bing, huh? Microsoft's been pissed at me ever since I bought my Mac. They forget that I've bought 10 Windows computers in the last 3 years.

  5. Oh, Bill Gates knows what you bought, but he's pissed about that MacApple, still.

  6. Well, maybe I'm a Gooble retard, but when I search for "Basil," or "The Name Basil," or "Basil the name," I draw blanks on your blog on the first page.

    But...Gooble suggestion #4 is indeed Basil Marceaux. So, youze in thar!

    On The Bing, if you search for "Basil blogger," you come up #4. So, Billy Bob the Gatekeeper does know of your existence.

    Paul, you're a good friend. No loyalty of any kind could convince me to move to Tennessee. If I run for Goober of Louisiana, I expect you to move to Ville Platte, and be my coonass coordinator.

  7. Paul:
    Gates is an unforgiving soul.

    Really? I do show more than 10 per page, but no one other than restaurants or car dealers show above me. Rest that are higher are all plant-related.

    Google's messin' with one of us. Don't they know I bought a Droid? I should higher up the list!

  8. Okay, I went back this am and searched "basil." Sho 'nuf, you are right there at #1 beneath plant info, and some car dealer.

    But, this is new to me. It says:

    Results from people in your social circle for basil - BETA

    Feb 3, 2011 ... Posted by Basil at 7:36 AM Labels: current events, Storyboards ..... Basil: Former soldier. Christian. Conservative, but no party ...

    I had not seen this particular "social circle" feature. The damn Gooble knows everything.


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