Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UPS delivers ... if you wait long enough

UPS finally delivered that item I've been waiting on.

On the 9th, their tracking Website reported from Montgomery that it was delayed because of "adverse weather conditions." Which ended up meaning that it would sit in Montgomery for 5 days before they put it on a truck for the 66-1/2 mile trek to Opelika, where they'd put it on another truck to take the package to me.

Pulled into the yard last night right behind the truck. The driver is a nice guy and didn't have a problem finding the house. He never does. Our driver isn't the problem with UPS. But a company where something can sit in a trailer 80 miles from the house because it's cold? That's messed up.

Anyway, the package came. And it's part of my big TV project I've been doing. Not the final piece, but a key component. I spent some time working with it last night. I'll need to spend some more time testing and seeing how things go. If I had it this past weekend, I'd have been a lot happier. But, so far, things are going well with this last phase of the project.

I just hope the final piece of equipment that's coming in doesn't get delayed in a trailer in Montgomery because the wind is blowing or there's frost on the ground.


  1. Basil, whatcha wanna bet that the dude in charge of traffic handling at The UPS has four degrees from GA Tech?


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