Monday, February 28, 2011

I miss you, Red Eye

I miss Red Eye.

No, the local cable company didn't drop Fox News Channel. I did. Because I dropped cable.

That's part of my whole "cut the cord cable" project. I'm watching TV via the Internet and over the air. The net effect is I can watch everything I've been watching and not have to pay a cable bill.

That part rocks. I mean, watching the same TV I've been watching and not sending $50-something to the cable company? Seriously, it's awesome.


I don't get Red Eye any more. That and Fox News Sunday were the only Fox News show I watched the whole show. I'd watch parts of other shows, but those two were the only "sit and watch all the way through" shows. But now that I've dropped cable, I don't get Fox News Channel any more.

There is iTunes, where can get Fox News Sunday video podcast. The whole show.

So, the only show I miss now is Red Eye.

Sure, I can get Red Eye excerpts from iTunes. That helps. Usually, it's the Gregalogue, the Half-Time Report, and one or two of the discussions. But, only about a quarter of the show.

It shows up on Hulu, but the shows are two weeks or more behind. Fox News Sunday shows up within a day on Hulu, but not Red Eye.

So, I'm missing Red Eye.

Not $50-something a month missing it. But missing it just the same.

Maybe if the person that posts Fox News Sunday in its entirety to iTunes and Hulu fell in love with Red Eye...

Oh, well.

I'm saving money. But I'm missing Red Eye.


  1. Basil, admit it! You miss Red Eye.

    And, as far as free TV goes. Well, you get what you pay for.

  2. Well, except for Red Eye, I'm getting everything I got before. Plus some.

    I'm a lovin' me some Internet TV. And hating that I'm missing Red Eye.

  3. Yeah, couldn't live w/o ESPN come football season. You are from Alabama, aren't you? I guess if you have ESPN 3 you are good, but we can't get it where I am from.

  4. I bet you could go hang out in a hotel lobby and watch it "live."


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