Thursday, February 3, 2011

The problem with Hulu Plus

I've enjoyed this whole Internet TV thing. I've been watching more stuff via the Apple TV and the Roku. And, I've been watching Hulu Plus content on the Roku, and liking that. But, it's frustrating. Let me explain.

It may help to talk about the difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus.

You'd think it was the type of account you had, where if you have a standard account (free), you get certain stuff, and with a plus account ($8/month) you get more stuff.

And, that's true. But the problem is they do exactly that and nothing more. And that's frustrating.

Content is divided into two groups: Hulu and Hulu Plus. If a show is a Hulu show (such as Fringe), you can watch it in your Web browser.

If a show is a Hulu Plus show (such as Lie To Me), you can watch it in your Web browser, or on a TV via a device (such as the Roku).

But, you cannot view Hulu standard content on your TV/device. You can only view standard content in a Web browser, even if you have a Hulu Plus account.

This omission is very, very frustrating.

I don't mind paying extra for extra content that I can watch on my TV. But, I want to watch all content on my TV.

It seems that, if you have a Hulu Plus account, you'd be able to watch everything on your TV/device. But you can't. Only the special "Plus" content can be viewed on the TV/device.

I don't know if Hulu simply screwed the pooch on that, or if there is some legal reason they can't allow Plus users to view standard content on a TV/device.

If it's a legal reason, somebody needs to be slapped upside the head with a big law book.

If it's that it never occurred to them, they need to get out of their mother's basement and get out and about with normal people.

I like my Roku. It lets me watch a lot of TV on my TV. If only Hulu would play along.

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  1. Wow you hit on the nail! So right. I figured Hulu plus was all of Hulu and more.... I have roku and am frustrated that I cannot watch regular Hulu without hooking up my computer.


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