Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who's gonna lose, week 7

Throughout the first six weeks of the season, our perfect record remains intact. Some of the teams got the results wrong, of course, but our picks were, as always, on the mark.

As the season progresses, more interesting matchups will occur, as ranked teams face ranked teams, and traditional rivalries show up on the schedule. This is the time of the year that real Americans enjoy -- especially college football fans.

Unless you'd rather join the football-hating un-American Occupy Wall Street crowd, you're ready for another episode of us picking who's gonna lose.

As always, we'll cover the matchups of ranked teams, some other games of interest, as well as teams from my state, Frank J's state, and Harvey's state. The important teams, anyway.

Southern California vs California

Jeff Tedford and his Berkeley Bruins are reeling after two straight conference losses, and hope to get back on track when a pack of Prophylactics invade their den.

Southern California took a week off after helping give Mike Stoops a shove out the door, and want to prove that they are part of the elite in whatever the Pacific Coast Conference is called this year. It'll take more than a win over Cal to do that.

Who's gonna lose? California.

Hawaii vs San Jose State

If you heard that a bunch of Rainbow Warriors were singing "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," you'd think there was a gay pride parade being planned. Turns out you're not far wrong, as a couple of teams suit up for what passes for football in the WAC.

The Spartans will be outmatched in the passing game by Hawaii, though their running game is not too shabby when Brandon Rutley is healthy. If he gets a lots of carries, Mike MacIntyre's Men From Sparta will find a way to win.

San Jose, the 55th State, will prove to be a match for the Warriors, setting up a long bus ride back to Hawaii for Greg McMackin and his men.

Who's gonna lose? Hawaii.

Michigan (11) vs Michigan State (23)

This is a matchup of ranked teams as well as an in-state rivalry and a game with B-1-G title implications. There should be lots of people in the Great Lakes State watching this matchup, what with an unemployment rate over 11%.

Junior QB Denard Robinson accounts for half the rushing offense for the Wolverines and, if he stays healthy, may be the key to a B-1-G title game appearance. He has to get past the Michigan State defense, though. Last year, the Spartans made life rough for Robinson and the Rodents, but he's a year older and a year wiser.

The winner of this game gets the Paul Bunyan Trophy and the inside track for the conference championship and a BCS bowl berth. The loser will be in line for a bowl game in Jacksonville.

Who's gonna lose? Michigan.

Baylor (20) vs Texas A&M (21)

Cinderella team Baylor dropped a slipper a couple of weeks ago, but got back on the winning track when they withstood a Cyclone from the State of Iowa. This weekend, though, it's the Battle of the Brazos, and it's at College Station, where the Teddies haven't won since 1984.

The Ag Students finally figured out how to not blow a double-digit halftime lead last week, and need to remember how to do that when they face Baylor and Robert Griffin III's high-powered offense. It'll be a high-scoring affair, and whoever has the ball last may very well get the W.

Who's gonna lose? Baylor.

Oklahoma State (6) vs Texas (22)

Brandon Weeden will have the Eyes of Texas upon him when he saddles up the Cowpokes and they make the trip from Stillwater to Austin to take on Mack Brown's Herd of Horny Cattle.

It'll be the second week in a row that a team has crossed the Red River to play the Longhorns, and if Texas loses another conference game, they'll be out of the running for the Big 12 11 10 9 10 12* title.

If Oklahoma State wins, they'll be one game closer to an end-of-season matchup of undefeateds with Oklahoma. They won't stumble this week.

Who's gonna lose? Texas.

Arizona State (18) vs Oregon (9)

Dennis Erickson brings his Legion to Newgene to try to make Duck Soup out of Chip Kelly's Webfoots. It won't be easy as Oregon has been on a tear after LSU plucked them in the season opener.

The Ducks defense won't have any trouble spotting the Sun Devils' 6'8 QB, Brock Osweiler, but he won't have much trouble finding his receivers, either. LaMichael James' dislocated elbow will make things difficult for the Ducks offense to put up the kind of numbers we're used to, but he's not the only player on the team. The best, but not the only.

Who's gonna lose? Arizona State.

Boise State (5) vs Colorado State

The Smurfs have overwhelmed all opponents all season long. Of course, when you play a bunch of nobodies and use-to-bes, you won't get any respect for it. Or play in the BCS Championship Game until you join a BCS conference. Even the Big East would do.

The Broncos continue their quest to play the loser of Alabama-LSU in the Sugar Bowl in January. To get there, they've got to keep on winning. This week's victim will be the Billy Goats of Fort Collins. Steve Fairchild's Herd is unbeaten in the Mountain West heading into Week Seven. They won't be heading into Week Eight.

Who's gonna lose? Colorado State.

Indiana vs Wisconsin (4)

It's been a heart-breaking season for the Hoosiers, with 4 of 5 losses coming by a touchdown or less. This week, they have to face the top team in the B-1-G as they travel to Camp Randall to take on Bret Bielema's Badgers.

Buckingham U. Badger and Company have run over, around, and through everyone they've faced this season. The Hoosiers won't be the easiest team they'e played, simply the latest. A B-1-G title game looks to be in Wisconsin's future, and Indiana is not going to stand in their way.

Who's gonna lose? Indiana.

Georgia vs Vanderbilt

After a slow start, Mark Richt's Pound Puppies have hit their stride and look to have an easy game as they prepare for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville at the end of the month.

For Vandy, after playing South Carolina and Alabama, Georgia will seem like a break. However, James Franklin's Commodore's will have to play near-perfect football to avoid their 3rd-straight conference loss. If they do, though, Georgia may find the ride back to Athens to be a very unpleasant affair.

Who's gonna lose? Vanderbilt.

Georgia Tech (12) vs Virginia

Paul Johnson's high-powered offense spat and sputtered against a Herd of Turtles last week, and need to be firing on all cylinders if they expect to survive a trip to the Old Dominion.

The Cavaliers could go from 5th place in the division to top of the heap if they win this game. That may be all the incentive they need to upset the Yellow Jackets.

For their part, the Bumbles will have to play flawless football and put a lot of points on the board to get past Virginia. Fortunately, they have the tools and personnel to do just that.

Who's gonna loser? Virginia.

Other games

Lots of other good games are on the schedule this weekend. It's one of the things that make college football the awesome sport it is.

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