Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who's gonna lose, week 5

After another perfect slate of predictions last week, I continue on a roll of getting all the picks correct. Some of the game outcomes were wrong, but the picks were dead on target.

And, unless you secretly want to work for the TSA or are a Troy Davis supporter, you're ready for another round of picking who's gonna lose this week in college football.

There are some big games on tap this weekend, and they may go a long way toward determining who gets to lose to the SEC champ in the so-called National Championship game in January.

South Florida (16) at Pittsburgh

Skip Holtz and his South Florida crew invade Todd Graham's den, looking to put a hurtin' on the Pumas. Looking at their records, you'd say this was the Bulls' game to lose. You'd be right.

The Panthers bring a 2-2 record into the game, but those two losses are by a combined 7 points. They could just as easily be undefeated. Like South Florida is. Or was.

Who's gonna lose? South Florida.

Utah State vs Brigham Young

Another set of cats get to host a game this week as the Cougars from Mormon Country lay out the welcome mat for a group of farmers from down-state.

The Aggies have a late loss to Auburn and an overtime loss to Colorado State sandwiched around a big win over the School for the Blind. Which means that, given a fair chance, they'll likely come up short. And Bronco Mendenhall will do everything in his power to make sure BYU keeps the streak going.

Who's gonna lose? Utah State.

Texas A&M (14) vs Arkansas (18)

If the Southwest Conference still existed, this would be the title game. It doesn't. And it's not.

Bobby Petrino's Hogs travel to Arlington to take on Mike Sherman's Farming Students in the first of four battles between ranked teams. The Razorbacks are coming off an ugly loss to Alabama, while the Aggies are still trying to recover from former Columbus Catfish pitcher Brandon Weeden's big game last week.

Normally, I would expect the SEC team to win. In 9 months, that'd be easy. This week, though, I'm tempted to go with the team from Texas. Tempted.

Who's gonna lose? Texas A&M.

Clemson (13) vs Virginia Tech (11)

The supper-time battle of ranked unbeatens from the ACC ... excuse me. I just said "battle of ranked unbeatens in the ACC." You don't hear that often. Of course, the season is still young.

This is the Tigers' third straight game against a ranked opponent. It's the Hokies' first. That doesn't prove anything. If Dabo Swinney's Death Valley Cats approach this game like all the other games, they should come out on top. But Frank Beamer didn't keep his job for a quarter of a century by rolling over.

This one will be worth watching. And every instinct says the Hokies will win. But something about those Tigers. I hate Clemson. Being a Georgia fan, I can't help it. There used to be some classic battles between those schools. And I still get a kick out of seeing them lose. I wish they would this week. I really wish they would. But they won't.

Who's gonna lose? Virginia Tech.

Alabama (3) vs Florida (12)

After supper, you'll want to put the second TV on to watch a big SEC battle in the Swamp in Gainesville. A herd of Elephants from Tuscaloosa will come invading Ben Hill Griffin Stadium looking to make luggage out of a bunch of Swamp Lizards. But Will Muschamp and his Gators will be ready for Nick Saban's Pachyderms.

If you miss this game, don't worry. The two could face each other again in Atlanta come December. But you have to win some really big games to make it that far.

The departure of Urban Meyer hasn't had the effect the loss of Tim Tebow had. Which answers that question. Now, the question is, can Muschamp bring Florida back to the elite of the SEC. A win today would answer that. Of course, a close loss may indicate that the Gators are truly back. Either way, it's gonna be close. Don't be surprised no matter who wins.

Who's gonna lose? Florida.

Nebraska (8) vs Wisconsin (7)

This is the B-1-G opener for Nebraska. Not just this season, but ever. Having left the Big 12/11/10/9 behind, the Big Red Thrashing Machine looks to mow down a bunch of Rodents in Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday night. Easier said than done.

The Badgers haven't played anybody this season. But they've played those nobodies very well. Same thing for the Cornhuskers. So, we really don't know just what these two teams have. We think they both have lots of talent, and expect a good game.

This would could also be replayed in December when the B-1-G has it's first conference title game. But you'll want to watch this one anyway. So, break out the third TV and enjoy a Saturday night football fest.

Who's gonna lose? Nebraska.

Nevada vs Boise State (4)

It's revenge week for Frank J and Sarah K. A year ago, they got to watch the Giant Smufs lose in overtime to a pack of Wolves from Casino Country. I was laughing, and they were crying.

Now, after the Broncos smacked my Bulldogs to open this season, I've been crying while they've been laughing. And today, the laughter continues.

The 57th State will get its revenge as it marches its way to an end-of-the-season Number Three ranking, and helps build another case for having a playoff system. I've already got the playoff format picked out. They just need to do it. And Boise State will help make my case this season. They got to get by Nevada first.

They will.

Who's gonna lose? Nevada.

Georgia Tech (21) vs North Carolina State

Another Wolf Pack gets to be sacrificed this week. Only, this time, it's not to some Horsies from Boise, but a bunch of Insects from Atlanta.

Paul Johnson has taken his playground offense to great heights, averaging 399 yards a game ... and that's just rushing yardage. And, at 53 points a game, they'll be tough to keep off the scoreboard.

Tom O'Brien's defense won't be up to the task. The key to this game will be mistakes. Georgia Tech has a history of finding ways to shoot themselves in the foot. If they can keep mistakes to a minimum, they'll rack up some more impressive stats and be unbeaten as the month comes to a close.

But they have to get past NC State first. The Yellow Jackets should be up to the task.

Who's gonna lose? North Carolina State.

Mississippi State at Georgia

The battle to be called THE Bulldogs in the Southeast Conference takes its turn at Athens this week. A year ago, Dan Mullen's Mutts earned the title with a win over Mark Richt's Pound Puppies. This year's Red Clay Hounds want nothing more than to get revenge on the Starkville Canines.

The Bulldogs have failed big tests in two games against ranked opponents, but beaten two lesser teams to take a 2-2 record into the game. Which Bulldogs? Both.

This one should be evenly matched. But it boils down to the worst team in the SEC East vs the second-worst team in the SEC West. And, again this year, the SEC West is better.

Who's gonna lose? The Bulldogs.

Other games

Did I miss your game? Tell me about it. Unless you're an Obama supporter and don't like college football.


  1. My remembry might be faulty, but I do not think that the 'Dogs have beaten the Dawgs between the hedges since 1956. I think that will happen today, though.

  2. So far this season, my team has left a bad smell in their wake. So I don't want to talk about them.


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