Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who's gonna lose, week 8

As this year's college football season creeps along, you'd think that none of the games matter until November, when Alabama and LSU square off, then in December when Oklahoma and Oklahoma State do their battle. That is, if all you did was listen to the hype.

Truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a meaningless college football game. If you don't believe me, go ask the players. Games that don't lead up to the so-called national championship game in January do matter a great deal. And that so-called national championship game really isn't, until they implement a playoff. I have the perfect solution to that. I've talked about it in past seasons, and might share my brilliance with you again this year. But not this week.

If you don't like college football, then there's little hope for you. If you are a fan, you might not agree with this week's picks. But that's part of the fun of being a fan.

We're going to tell you who's gonna lose the important games: games between ranked teams, games where there's nothing else on, and games involving teams from my state, Frank J's and SarahK's state, and Harvey's state. There's a lot more games involving lots more good teams. But, I can't cover them all. You're welcome to tell me about your team's game, if you so choose.

UCLA vs Arizona

This battle of teams going nowhere is the only game on the tube when they kickoff in Tucson. In their last 5 games, the Wildcats have seemed more like Pussycats, and it cost Mike Stoops his job. This week, the Tim Kish era begins in Arizona with the Berkeley Bruins crashing the welcome party. Rick Neuheisel isn't bringing any gifts to the affair, just a sloth of bears ready to eat some ... Cat.

But the Wildcats 1-5 record is deceiving. They've got one of the best passing attacks in the nation behind QB Nick Foles. The problem?Their defense is suspect. But a lot of those numbers that make the defense look bad came against three Top Ten teams. And UCLA is no Top Ten team.

It could be a high-scoring affair, and common sense tells you that UCLA will win this one. But I'm not common, and I don't have a lot of sense.

Who's gonna lose? UCLA.

West Virginia (15) vs Syracuse

The Big Orange Farewell Tour of the Big East continues when Syracuse plays host to some Mountain Men from Morgantown. The ESPN likes this matchup so much, they put it on their big channel. You need to write the ESPN and ask them why they hate you.

With the ACC on the horizon, the Orange look to leave on a winning note. It's been rough, with three of six games going into overtime. With the offense that West Virginia brings to town, you'd think that overtime won't be in the cards this week.

Stranger things have happened. But not as strange as Syracuse beating West Virginia.

Who's gonna lose? West Virginia.

Auburn (20) vs LSU (1)

Three of the last five national champion schools will play in this game when Gene Chizik brings the Plainsmen into Baton Rouge for a game at Les Miles' Cathouse.

This Catfight has all the makings of a classic. Auburn can be tough to beat when they play their best. And LSU can get themselves into trouble when you least expect it.

A loss by the Bayou Bengals would spoil next month's showdown with Alabama, and there's nothing the Tigers from the Opelika Suburbs would rather do this week than play spoiler. But don't think Les Miles doesn't know that.

Who's gonna lose? Auburn.

Washington (25) vs Stanford (8)

Another battle of ranked teams takes place in Stanford when a Pack of Dogs from the State of Washington pull their sled into the California sunshine. Steve Sarkisian's Huskies have cracked the polls, and thing are really looking up for the team from the Land of Starbucks. Sophomore Keith Price has thrown for nearly 1,500 yard passing and 21 touchdowns this season.

The Indians Cardinals Cardinal will be needing some Luck to win this game, and their star QB has the tools to deliver. This will be the first ranked team they've played this season, so just how good Stanford is won't be known until kickoff.

There could be a lot of fireworks Saturday night for this battle, particularly if Washington can get RB Chris Polk some carries to establish a running game. The Junior from Redlands has the tools and rushed for over 1,400 yards last year. If he can rack up some yardage, the Huskies just may be able to keep Stanford off-balance and pull the upset.

Who's gonna lose? Washington.

Wisconsin (6) vs Michigan State (16)

Two division-leaders face off in East Lansing in what may prove to be the best football game of the day. The Weasels from Madison are looking to move into place for a possible national championship game appearance if the teams ranked above them can knock each other off. But they best not look past the Spartans this Saturday afternoon.

Mark Dantonio's Agriculture College Football Players are in the midst of the toughest part of their schedule, and if they can get through this, they're a lock for the B-1-G championship game.

Wisconsin's closest game so far this year has been a 31-point win over Nebraska. Other than that, they haven't been tested. Bret Bielema's Badgers better have studied-up this week, because the Spartans will have a pop quiz waiting on them.

Each team could lose this game and still make it to a rematch in December in the conference championship game. But neither wants to. Lose, that is. But one of them will.

Who's gonna lose? Michigan State.

Air Force vs Boise St (5)

When Air Force thinks "Wild Blue Yonder," they think of flying high and delivering destruction below. This week, though, it'll be that funny-colored field in the 57th State. Flying fighter jets might be safer.

Air Force is averaging 336 yards rushing, and 506 yard in offense this season -- both numbers better than the Smurfs -- but 13 turnovers, and a minus-6 turnover ration, have help do them in. Add that to Boise State's plus-9 turnover ration, and mistakes could determine the winner.

This might sound crazy, but if the Falcons can keep from turning the ball over, their offense can keep them in this game, and perhaps pull off the upset. But it ain't gonna happen.

Who's gonna lose? Air Force.

Georgia Tech (22) vs Miami

The Humble Bumbles stumbled last week up in Charlottesville, and now must take a trip overseas to Miami to play. There's a Storm Warning in the forecast for the Yellow Jackets, and they better make sure the top is secure on the Ramblin' Wreck when Al Golden's Tropical Storm hits with full force.

This season, Miami has been Cat 5 one week, and a light shower the next. If this Jekyll-Hyde act stays on schedule, this will be an off-week. But even so, the Engineers from the North Avenue Trade School have been devolving as the season progresses, and may just find a way to lose this game.

The Yellow Jackets need to win out to make it to the conference title game, and things aren't going to get any easier the next two weeks. They've got to take care of business this week, or Paul Johnson can cancel his plans for a return trip to Miami in January.

Who's gonna lose? Miami.

Other games

My Bulldogs from Athens aren't playing this weekend. They're resting up for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party next weekend in Jacksonville.

If your team's game isn't listed today, tell us what's in store for them. Then, do like I'm gonna do: fire up the computer and the television, get a platter of nachos, and enjoy the games.


  1. Basil, just so I can prove I said it...I'm calling Michigan State over WI.

    And, I really wouldn't call that a major upset.

    If there IS a major upset, it will be AF over Boise. Somebody is gonna step up and play over their heads against Boise this season. Somebody always does. May as well be AF.


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