Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grave Robbers

I never met the Wife's father. He died a few years before I met her. So, I never met the man. But the whole family thought the world of him.

After all these years, they still place flowers on his grave on special occasions: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other time in between that the mood strikes.

When they bring out new flowers, they'll remove the old flowers, so that fresh ... or at least good-looking ... flowers are on his grave.

The other day, a family member went out to the cemetery for another matter. And, of course, stopped by the grave.

And that's when we found out that the flowers were missing.

Now, of course, if weather is really bad ... with high winds and such ... that can cause problems. But it usually causes several problems, not just one. And, there's been no bad weather recently.

So, looking at things, it seems that there was no natural reason for the flowers to be missing.

Which leaves somebody moving them.

And that means somebody took the flowers.

What kind of person would take flowers off a grave? I don't know. But you can find flowers at the flea market that look like they might have come off a grave. And that sickens me.

And, the thing is, this happens. A lot.

It just happened to us this time.


  1. Yeah it is disgusting and happens all the time. I'm sorry it happened to y'all this time.

  2. Something about 'hell' and a 'handbasket' come to mind... That's just wrong...

  3. One would like to think it was someone who couldn't afford flowers for a loved one's grave but that romantic thought is probably wrong. Instead, it was some young person who has yet to appreciate the meaning of life or death.

  4. You are not the only one this happens to. There was an article in the ogden, UT Spectrum about a 2 1/2 Yr old girl that would leave stuff on her daddy's grave. Within 2 days the stuff was constantly missing.Do people who rob graves really only think they are hurting those who have already passed away and therefore cannot be hurt by such a thing? I think they need to realize that they are not just affecting something dead, but they are hurting those who are alive and still attached by past relationships to the deceased.


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