Friday, August 31, 2007

Catfish rained out

We were looking forward to the Columbus Catfish clinching the 2nd half crown for the South Atlantic League (SAL) Southern Division tonight.

But the rains in Savannah meant no baseball for the Catfish.

With Asheville being eliminated earlier today, either the Catfish or Charleston will be the 2nd half champions. And, going into today's games, the Catfish hold a 3-1/2 game lead with 4 games left. So, one win by the Catfish ... or one loss by Charleston ... and the Catfish are the division champs.

The rainout today means that the Catfish won't clinch today ... assuming Charleston beats Rome. Charleston has beaten Rome in 11 of 20 contests this year. They play 4 games against each other to end the regular season.

The Wife and I will be in attendance at Grayson Stadium in Savannah as the Catfish take on the Savannah Sand Gnats (Mets) Saturday evening.

We're finalizing plans with my grandmother for a little excursion for her 94th birthday. On her birthday, they're planning a big party. No, not at the place she wants to go. But a big party anyway. Seems Florida State has an off-day, so the party can actually be on her birthday this year. That was awful nice of Bobby Bowden to do that, don'tcha think?

Anyway, since she's going to have her big party on her actual birthday, the Wife and I will be taking her on a little trip the following weekend. And we're nailing down those plans.

And, since we're in the area ... we plan to be in the stands for the game.


  1. Check with us. We might be persuaded to go too, (meaning mostly just me) if the weather is agreeable.
    Not that you really care...

  2. Buys the guys some champagne, and celebrate with em.


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