Monday, March 17, 2008

Clinton says "we cannot win" Iraq war

Surrender monkey Hillary
Surrender Monkey Hillary Clinton shows her surrender pose.
Desperate in her struggle to win the Democratic nomination from that upstart Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), Senator Hillary Clinton (D-IL-AR-DC-NY) appealed to the defeatists that control her party's base by saying the U.S. "cannot win" the war in Iraq.

Ignoring the reduction in violence, ignoring the universal appraisals of improving conditions, ignoring plain common sense, the one-time front-runner joined the anti-American wing of the Democratic Party's call for pulling out with the job undone.

Now, do I think she means it?

I used to think not. But now, I'm not so sure.

Who is she encouraging with talk like that?

American troops?


Iraqi troops?


Terrorists? Democrats? Enemies of America?

But I repeat myself.

Yes, she's playing the scorched earth policy.

And right now, she's helping scorch the earth in Iraq.

And a year from now, if she's successful, the earth in a major U.S. city gets scorched.

Which is why she cannot win. And why Obama cannot win. And why Senator John McCain (R-AZ) must win.


  1. Heh heh heh. Excellent SM graphic! Surrendie is proud of you!

  2. It makes it hard for us to win when we have to fight our own politicians and ignorant followers of their party. I have met with the Village elders, the Muktar, the Sheiks, the Iraqi Military, the Iraqi Police and regular people both Iraq and Afghanistan. These comments she makes are used by Bathists, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Democrats, and other radicals etc... as propaganda against us. These are quoted on their handouts, they are preached at their Mosques, Madrasah and in Churches in Chicago. All of it is used against the American Military and our Nation, oh as well as NATO, ISAF and the UN. Someday if our nation survives this history will judge this as a form of treason! It is hard to convince someone to fight their corrupt murdering neighbor and theat you will help if our politiicans are undermining our efforts every chance they get.

  3. [...] It is true of Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose seeming toughness was sometimes enough to remove some of the ethical stain, ethical oil slick really, she trails behind her. [...]


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