Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama's missing the boat

Seems that Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) has spurned Senator Clinton's (D-IL,AR,DC,NY) suggestion that he take the Vice Presidential slot on the Democratic ticket.

This seems to make sense, on the face of it. His rejection, that is.

Obama leads Clinton in the delegate count.

Obama leads Clinton in the popular vote.

Obama has won more states than Clinton.

But Obama is missing the big picture.

He ain't won yet.

And he won't.

All the news heads and newsy bloggers have been talking and writing about how Clinton can't catch Obama.

She don't have to.

All she's got to do is keep Obama from getting enough delegates to win on the first ballot.

I say again: Clinton doesn't have to win; she only has to keep from losing.

And she will. Keep from losing, that is.

And, come the convention, she'll win the nomination.


Well, gosh. Think about it.

Do you really expect the Democratic Party establishment to let Obama take the nomination, if he doesn't have a majority of the delegates?

No way in Hell.

If Obama doesn't wrap it up before the Democratic National Convention in August, he's toast. And not buttered toast. Dry toast. That fell on the floor. And got kicked under the refrigerator.

Come convention time, Hillary's machine will work its magic and take the nomination. Maybe even on the first ballot.

And Obama won't get the number two slot. Because he publicly ridiculed Clinton for suggesting it as he brushed it away.

And, come August 28, he'll be wondering what the heck happened.

Wonder if he never watched the news from 1993-2001. If he had, he'd have seen that truck coming.


  1. I pretty sure Obama doesn't have a realistic shot at wrapping it up before the convention. At first I thought the concept of Super Delegates was un-American, well it is, but the Dems had a lot of foresight that their voters really can't make good, well informed decisions. It really is best to take it out of their hands. I really hope Hillary doesn't lose on account of losing the Spitzer vote.

  2. You're correct. It's un-American. But it sure does fit the Democratic party.


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