Thursday, March 6, 2008

What about option 6?

Roger Simon wrote over at Politico that the Democratic National Committee has five options for dealing with their mess in Michigan and Florida.

He said they were:

  1. No delegates from either state

  2. Seat the delegates that the voters picked

  3. Split the delegates evenly between Clinton and Obama

  4. Let them hold another primary

  5. Wait for somebody to ride in and save the day

Unless I'm the answer to number five ... and I'm not ... I got another suggestion.

Seat all their delegates ... as uncommitted delegates.

Here's my reasoning.

Michigan and Florida are states. More so than Puerto Rico, at least. And the Democrats there (bless their hearts) deserve to have a say in how their poor excuse of a political party picks a candidate.

Now, the state party leaders broke national party rules. A silly rule, sure. But they broke a rule.

So, what do you do?

The DNC is saying "no delegates."

That's just plain silly.

But the DNC has a point: the state party leaders broke the rules.

I say, rather than allow no delegates, seat delegates anyway, but invalidate the results of the primary. Make all those delegates uncommitted.

Will this make things better?

Probably not. And likely nothing will solve it. And as a McCain supporter, I'm pleased as punch over that.

Remember that Will Rogers said that he was not a member of any organized political party; he was a Democrat.


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