Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ferraro was right

Former Congresswoman and Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY) said that Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) wouldn't be where he is ... leading the Democratic race ... if he was White.

And now she's quit her post on the Clinton campaign because of the flack she's caught over her comments.

All for being correct.

Yes, Ferraro was telling the truth when she said:
If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.

Here's why it's true.

The mainstream media, by and large, has not asked the hard questions of Obama.

Why not?

They're scared of being called racist.

If they asked the hard questions of Obama that they asked of the other candidates, they'd be branded racist.

So they don't ask him hard questions. They are swayed by his genial demeanor, sure. But fear of being called racist is why they haven't asked him the hard questions. Like what's he done? What are the details of his record?

I mean, if terrorists attack the U.S., what will Obama do? Vote "Present?"

He has no qualifications for the office of President. But no mainstream media outlet is testing him.

Because they're scared of being called racists.

And that's because Obama is a Black man.

if Obama was White, there'd be no racism scare. And the media would ask him the tough questions. And Obama couldn't stand the scrutiny.

So, it's true: Obama wouldn't be where he is if he was White.

As much as I don't care much for Geraldine Ferraro, she's right on this one.


  1. well i think she needs to stop hufing so much, sniffing destroys brain cells and so does dementia

  2. I like the fact she has the backbone to come out and say what she believes ...

  3. rawdawgbuffalo: I wouldn't disagree. Still, she stumbled upon some truth. Whether or not for the right reasons may be another matter entirely.

    Jo: Oh, she's not a shrinking violet by any means.

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  5. If you tell lies about Obama - you are racist.
    If you tell the truth about Obama - you are racist.
    If you say his middle name - you are racist.
    If you say he's not really black - you are racist.
    If you see he's really black - you are racist.

    What can you say?

  6. Heya, Basil. Was wondering if you were interested in joining the McCain Blogs blogroll that Beth at MVRWC and Blue Star Beth started up?


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