Monday, March 10, 2008

Name that party

The New York Times ... among other news outlets ... is reporting that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been caught in a prostitution ring.

Spitzer is a Democrat, which really doesn't mean anything, since sexual misconduct isn't the domain of one party or another. Prostitution has been around a lot longer than Democrats and Republicans.

But here's why I mention his party.

The New York Times mentions it in paragraph nine.

In a late February story on a New York city councilman's rape charges, the Times mentioned the party of Dennis P. Gallagher, a Queens Republican, in paragraph two ... at the first mention of Gallagher's name.

Why the difference?

It certainly couldn't be because one's a Democrat (paragraph nine) and one's a Republican (paragraph two), could it?

That would mean the New York Times is biased.

Oh, wait. It is.


  1. Only people I'm hearing say the "D" word is Fox.

  2. This morning on F&F, Doocy asked if the MSM would mention the "culture of corruption" with the Dems like they did with the GOP during an earlier scandal.


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