Friday, October 9, 2009

Saying kind things

Every so often, something happens that changes your focus. This weekend, at a wedding, one of the scripture passages made me realize that I haven't been the nicest person in relating to others.

For instance, I have been way too hard on Barack Obama. And I need to correct that.

It's true that I disagree with many, many, many things he does, says, and believes. However, is he all bad? He can't be, can he? Of course not.

So I'm going to say some nice things about the president. True stuff.

  • Yesterday, we had a farewell breakfast for someone at work. I love breakfast. Under Obama's economy, we'll have lots more of those!
  • Barack Obama hasn't bombed America. Even by accident.
  • That special family member that you worry about? You can stop worrying. If Barack Obama can amount to something, anyone can.
  • Barack Obama makes people feel better about themselves. Such as racists. Think about how justified they feel about their beliefs right now.
  • The president has done wonders for international relations. Look how strong France seems compared the the U.S. since Obama took office.
  • Obama is not just another typical Chicago politician. Al Capone would have been able to get the Olympics.
  • The president is too incompetent to be effectively evil.
I'm sure there are many other good things about Barack Obama. I just can't think of any.

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