Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I didn't rush to defend Rush

Dan Riehl wonders why no Republicans came to the defense of Rush Limbaugh after he was attacked with lies over his desire to own part of an NFL team.

Well, I'm not a Republican. But I am a conservative. (A side note; I wish more Republicans were conservative.) And I can say why I didn't rush to defend Rush.

As a conservative, I feel that if the NFL doesn't want Rush Limbaugh to be an owner (even a minority owner), then he shouldn't be an owner.

I have no say in who owns an NFL team.

Now, in fairness, the NFL shouldn't be listening to the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jason Whitlock, or any of those other jackasses that attacked Rush. But did the league cave in to pressure? Or were they already a bunch of nutless douche bags?

I don't know. But, either way, if they don't want Rush to be a part of that group, then I'm okay with that.

I watch college football, not pro football, anyway. That's where the real money is.


  1. Your position has some merit, but is it not also a conservative position that a man ought to be able to buy and sell freely? To save or spend his own legitimately earned resources as he chooses?

  2. Yes, he should. But the league should be able to determine who is an owner. If they don't want Rush because they are a bunch of nutless douche bags, that's their decision. Being a nutless douche isn't a crime. If so, imagine how many liberals would be in jail.

  3. Good point Basil. And I'm with you...I stopped watching pro football years ago.

    I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan. ;)


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