Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watching the "best" movies: Entering the home stretch

I've been a movie fan ... including an old movie fan ... for years. Ever since the mid-70s, when I'd get off work after midnight and go home after playing 5 hours of rock-and-roll on the radio. Too wired up to sleep, I'd turn the TV on and watch movies until I fell asleep. I got to watch a lot of old movies then. One of the Savannah TV stations (WTOC) had decided to go 24 hours, and did that by showing old movies.

I watched, and loved, movies by Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Ronald Reagan, James Cagney, Cary Grant, ...

I learned that I really liked movies.

In 1998, the American Film Institute released lists of what they consider the 100 best movies. They updated the list in 2007. And they came out with other lists. Then the Academy Award winners are supposed to be the best movies of that particular year. I wrote a little more detail about these lists here.

Anyhow, I put the lists together, and came up with a list of 222 movies.

I've been watching them, and have only a few on the list that I have not seen (this list is updated as I watch them). TiVo and Netflix have helped, to be sure.

I hope to finish the list by the end of the year. Or, at least by the time another Academy Award® winner is announced.

I don't know what I'll do with all my spare time then. At least, until baseball season starts.

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