Friday, October 9, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-10-09

  • Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize His major accomplishment? Doing jack. #
  • Maybe Obama didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize, but the Nobel Pussy Prize? Because, honestly, Obama is a such pussy. #
  • Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Who came in second? Roman Polanski? #
  • Code Pink now supports the U.S. in Afghanistan Perhaps they should research all issues first, before they take a stand #
  • Maybe the should start giving out the Nobel Peace Prize on April Fools Day. #
  • Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize makes Marisa Tomei's Oscar seem deserved. #
  • Will the Nobel Committee retroactively award a Peace Prize to William Henry Harrison for all he did as president? #
  • So, has Obama announced the charity to which he'll donate his Nobel Prize money ($1.4 M)? Any bets on ACORN getting it? #
  • Is Obama now the frontrunner to win the Heisman? #

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  1. Hey Basil! Funny...


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