Sunday, September 4, 2011


It's not that I don't know how to talk smack. It's just that my college football team sucks.

Georgia came off a 7-loss season, and the pollsters saw fit to rank them. Of course, these are the same pollsters that ranked Notre Dame, so there you go.

If you expect me to say that Boise State's a better team than Georgia, then you'd be right. Of course, last night didn't show me that. Watching Georgia for the last few years showed me that.

Boise State wanted respect. Some will give it to them now, though grudgingly.

I'm sounding like a sore loser, aren't I?

Okay. I don't like losing. But, I shouldn't rain on the parade of the winners of last night's game. The Boise State team won and the Boise State fans should be happy. And, with a Mountain West Conference schedule, they should run the table. So, maybe they'll get a chance to play in a really big game at the end of the year. If so, I wish them the best. Unless they play the SEC champ (which won't be Georgia).

Last night, Boise State spanked Georgia. It's like they were punishing them for wearing such ugly uniforms.

Of course, other than talent and execution, Georgia was the best team on the field. Or, one of the top two teams playing in that game, at least.

I still don't understand Georgia's strategy of drive downfield, sputter, miss field goal or punt. Sometimes I wonder if Mark Richt is a double agent. And if Mike Bobo isn't his accomplice. And whoever the Bulldog's fashion designer is. They ought to fire all three, starting with the person who let Nike design the uniforms. Must have been somebody from Oregon.

Georgia has a lot of problems, from the president of the university down. But, they are problems they created themselves, so they must find a way of dealing with them.

Getting spanked by Boise State isn't the way to do it.

I have no faith that Georgia will turn it around. And, replacing Mark Richt and staff won't do it either. Until the president of the university is run out of town on a rail, things won't get better at Georgia.

Though Georgia likely won't benefit from last night's loss, perhaps Boise State will.

They earned it.


  1. Your Bulldogs got beat by the Smurfs.

    My Beavs got beat by 1-AA Sacramento State. At home. Ugh.

    I feel your pain.

  2. Basil, I honestly thought that GA would beat Boise. The problem was that I really did not know just how bad things were at GA.

    I know it's been a tough several years for people that care about the University. I didn't really know that it reached all the way up to the top.


    A toast..."To better days."

    I still don't think that Boise is as great a shakes as they (and the retards that vote in polls) think they are.

    Hey, there's always Nevada, Air Force, and TCU. It could happen...

  3. Well, you know I am a Georgia fan by marriage now. But whose idea was it to get those new uniforms? I need to point The Gent to your blog and let him comment more intelligently about sportage stuff. I need to stick to the bathroom redecorating posts. :-)

  4. Oh yeah, Basil...I forgot about the uniforms until Mr. Marks brought it up.

    I was talking with a co-worker today, and we were both of a mind that there must be thousands of alumni (probably a bunch of donors) that are pissed big time.

    We were like, "It looked like a space ship from Krypton landed in Atlanta, and the travelers brought their own supply of Kryptonite to shoot up."


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