Saturday, September 3, 2011

Talking smack

Frank started it.

Really. Of course, on his blog, he can say whatever he wants. But really: "watch ... as Boise State whups Georgia!"

Yeah, how'd that work last time? Not too good!

And this year, Georgia will win again, despite the fact Boise State is favored. Can you believe that? Just because Georgia is coming off a 7-loss season.

And lost 10 players to academics or the state penal system or something.

And Georgia having no backfield except a true freshman from a class AA (2nd smallest out of 5 classifications) school.

Why don't these things matter? Because, unlike several of his high school teammates, that running back has yet to be arrested.

And, because Georgia will be wearing some Nike uniforms that are teh ghey. Plus, if they end up competing on Light Cycles, Georgia has the uniform for that.

Plus, there's the pressure factor. If Georgia doesn't win, there will be an uprising among the fans for the school to fire their Fashion Designer.

Hmmm. I'm thinking I'm not doing too good when it comes to talking smack.

Maybe if Georgia gave me some ammunition...


  1. Basil, you are definitely off your smack talkin' game...

    But, I look for GA to beat the perennial whiners. Could be wrong. GA has had a tough run, but I've watched Boise almost lose to LA Tech too many times to put any stock in the "we always get screwed because we're in a pussy conference" crowd.

  2. If any school wants to get in an AQ conference, they'd have to find a conference looking for schools. Like the 10-team Big 12.


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