Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cain sounds like one of you people

Disclosure: I have financially contributed to the Herman Cain campaign.

There's a minor kerfuffle going on about something that Herman Cain said. It's widely reported that he said he couldn't support Rick Perry as the Republican nominee.

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Yep. That's what he said. And that bothers me.

You see, I've been going on and on about how, no matter who the GOP nominee is, we need to support him. And some of you get your panties all in a wad about that.

"I'm not ever going to support Mitt Romney!"

"I won't vote for Rick Perry!"

"If Sarah Palin isn't the nominee, I'm not voting!"

"If Sarah Palin is the nominee, I'm not voting!"

"Ron Paul is nuts!"

Okay, that last one is okay. But still, nuts as he is, he'd a darn sight better than Barack Obama. But some of you are saying you won't support this guy or that girl. Well, now Herman Cain sounds a lot like some of you people. Maybe he's pandering to the panties-in-a-wad crowd.

I don't care for that. I suspect Cain will backtrack, and soon. He'll come up with some statement that sounds like some crafted statement talking about how we can disagree about important issues, but still have the same overriding goal: defeat Barack Obama and return competence to the White House.

But what should have say? Or, better, what should he have said to Wolf Blitzer's question, "Could you support Rick Perry if he were the nominee?"
  • Against Obama? Of course. Hell, Wolf, I'd support you over Barack Obama.
  • I fully support Rick Perry for vice-president.
  • I would support Rick Perry if Zombie Reagan turned down the nomination.
  • Nine, nine, nine.
  • Not if he was the Democrat nominee. Has he switched back to being a Democrat?
  • That's a stupid question, Wolf. What do you think I'm going to say? That I wouldn't support Rick Perry? Do you think I'm nuts
What do you think Herman Cain should have said?


  1. He should have said, "Wolf, even though I am a long shot, I still plan on being the nominee, so I haven't thought about it.

    But, if Gov. Perry is the eventual winner, I will fully support him, campaign for him, and encourage my supporters to do the same. We MUST have a change in the White House, and ALL of our candidates are infinitely more able than our current President."

  2. I'm good with this answer. Wolf was going for a soundbite to compliment Perry. He didn't get it. Go Herman.

    Seriously, if Wolf wants to talk about Perry, interview Perry. If you got Herman, talk about Herman, what he thinks, and what he plans to do. You know, inform the public like a journalist is supposed to.

    Full disclosure, I'm so madly in love with Herman Cain that I'm heavily in denial of the idea that he could have any faults, so I'm likely to defend him with every weaselly lawyer-ish word-trick I can conjure.

  3. I would vote for a quadriplegic, deaf, mute, blind, diseased, insane meth addict if that were the only viable alternative to casting a vote for The Zero. The quadriplegic, deaf, mute, blind, diseased, insane meth addict would obviously be the better qualified candidate.


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