Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who's gonna lose, week 3

The most important issue of the day? Jobs? Turmoil in the Mideast? Taxes?

No. Then what?

Who's gonna win the game, of course. Which game? Doesn't matter. Everybody's got a game.

I can't help tell you who'll win the game, though. I may be able to tell you who's gonna lose, though. You can figure out who wins from there.

Last week, I went 7-0 with the picks. That brings the season total ... what? The Mississippi State vs Auburn game? Oh, I can explain that: SHUT UP!

Now, for this week's ... what? I'm ripping off the old Leonard's Losers gimmick? Well, I can explain that, too: SHUT UP!

Okay. Now that all that's settled, let's look at this week's games. Those numbers? The current ranking in the AP poll.

LSU (3) vs Mississippi State

Defense will rule this game. As good as LSU is -- and they are very very good -- when these two teams meet for the 105th time, it'll be a battle. LSU often wins, but Mississippi State will once again, make it a hard-fought battle. LSU's defense should prevail.

Who's gonna lose? Mississippi State.

Boise State (4) vs Toledo

I know. Who knew Toledo had a team? Of coure, that means that they're the perfect team to play the Pretender Conference's top team, Boise State.

Look for Toledo to take an early lead, as often happens in these mis-match games. But Boise State's high-powered offense will rule the day.

Who's gonna lose? Toledo.

Oklahoma (1) vs Florida State (5)

Everybody talks about how powerful Oklahoma is. And they are. But they have the advantage of playing in a weak sister conference. Same thing can be said about Florida State.

This is one of those top-five matchups between two teams that could be among the best in the nation, or a couple of pretenders who are basing everything on reputation and a Boise State type of schedule.

Oklahoma blew out the Semi-holes last year. But that was last year. This year, it'll be different. Oklahoma has a tough time playing ranked teams on the road. But there's no certainty that FSU has returned to their glory days. Today's matchup will go far in determining just how good either of these teams really is.

Who's gonna lose? Oklahoma.

North Texas vs Alabama (2)

Another practice game for the Tuscaloosa Pachyderms. Toledo must have has a previous engagement.

Who's gonna lose? North Texas.

Wisconsin (7) vs Northern Illinois

Practice week continues for the top teams as the Badgers play the Huskies. While the Huskies might be a little better team than those playing, say, Alabama this week, they aren't that much better. Wisconsin may be the best team in the B-One-G.

Who's gonna lose? Northern Illinois.

Michigan State (15) vs Notre Dame

Back in 1966, these two teams played to a tie in a game that was hyped as the "Game of the Century." It wasn't. And this one won't be, either.

Quasimodo's American Cousins have had a rough start to the season. It doesn't get any easier this week.

Who's gonna lose? Notre Dame.

Ohio State (17) vs Miami

This game is sort of like "The Longest Yard," except in the movie, only one of the teams was made up of convicts. This week's battle between prisoners isn't anything like that so-called championship game of ... whenever it was the SEC didn't have a team in the title game.

The South Florida Blowhards and the Ohio Chickens face off hoping someone might actually focus on football. If these two teams actually do that, it might be a good game. How good? If you want a game that's not decided unti the 4th quarter, this one might be the one for you.

Who's gonna lose? Miami.

Kansas vs Georgia Tech

Yeah, I know. I'm a Georgia fan. And Tech isn't ranked. So, why is this game there? Because it could show whether or not anyone other than Virginia Tech or Florida State will compete for the ACC title and a BCS bowl game.

Paul Johnson has been the North Avenue Trade School long enough to put his stamp fully on team. He succeeded big time at Division 1-AA, and then brought Navy back during his tenure there, but turning Georgia Tech into a consistent power has been a tough go. If Erk's offensive coordinator doesn't turn the Humble Bumbles into a power, he might be back in the Southern Conference in a couple of years.

Kansas, meanwhile, has played a couple of push-overs, but has had a tougher time than some might have thought. That bodes well for George P. Burdell's favorite team.

Who's gonna lose? Kansas.

The Rest

You might not agree with all these. You'd be wrong.

Oh, and I might not have picked the game your team is in. Don't worry. The team they're playing will lose. Share your thoughts on these games, or your team's game.


  1. MAN!!!! You really screwed the pooch with OU & Da' Dame & Miami!

    Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!!!

    Basil, why even call the 'Bama/NTSU or the Wisconsin/NI game?

    Why? Trying to pump up your average after completely getting every game that might matter wrong ( did get the LSU/Dawgz game right. You're a genius).

    But, you are a man of integrity. If I had been so badly wrong, I'd have just deleted this post, and pretended that it never happened.

    Just sayin'...

    Of course, I called for an upset of the Boysies by Toledo. I was surprised to find out they had themz a college, too, btw. But, I'll bet they gots a damn good bowling team!

    But...FSU over OU? NYUK...

  2. What are you talking about? I got all the games right.

    The teams might have screwed up, but I was right.

  3. I take issue with you saying that Boise State is the "Pretender Conference's top team". They have played almost every conference out there and beat them. Just ask Oregon!

  4. I haven't given Boise State enough props.

    Congratulations on defeating the last-place team in the SEC's weakest division.



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