Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keeping Obama entertained

The president is going on vacation.

Liberals must be glad to hear that. Destroying a country is hard work, and he needs to recharge.

I'm glad to hear it, because that means he won't be actively destroying the country.

It's nice when conservatives and liberals can come together to support the president when he does something.

But I'm thinking that 17 days isn't enough time to let the country recover. Obama needs to go somewhere else when this upcoming vacation ends.

I'm thinking he could take a tour of all the golf courses in the country and leave regular folks alone.

Or, he could start a traveling basketball tour, like the Harlem Globetrotters.

Or, he could travel the country giving speaking tours. There are still people who want to hear him talk. But, to make it entertaining, don't let him take his TelePrompTer. I might want to watch that. Or clips of it.

The point is, there are things Obama can do other than play president, since he does that so badly.

What ideas have you for what Obama can do for the next 413 days?

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