Friday, December 30, 2011

All the news that fits the bias

You've been following the blow-up over the Girl Scouts, right? The Blaze reported that the organization has a booklet that refers Girl Scouts to Media Matters to correct "media misinformation." If you don't understand the problem with Media Matters as a source of information, check out the from Big Journalism.

So, that should be a story, right? Of course. And there are plenty of stories about it. On Fox News. And The Daily Caller. And Hot Air.

Oh, wait. Those aren't traditional media outlets. Except maybe Fox News, and they're only 15 or so years old. But they do have stories about it.

What about the traditional media? I know. Let's do a search on the phrases "Girl Scouts" and "Media Matters" for specific Websites and see how many hits we get:
Well, now that can't be right. None of these pillars of journalism are covering a case of media bias?

Ah! I know. The Washington Post. There we go. Two search results. Oh, wait. Both are unrelated comments in unrelated stories.

USA Today? Yes!! Oh wait. One's the Don Imus "Nappy-headed Hos" story where where both Girls Scouts and Media Matters were mentioned, but nothing to do with the story at hand. The other one is a link to the story on The Blaze. So, they provide a link to a different source, if you search for it.

How about The Old Grey Lady? Surely the New York Times ought to have something. A-ha! Three hits. Oh, wait. Two of the hits are unrelated stories that have sidebar links to other sources. The third one is a page with two separate stories, one on the Girl Scouts and the other on Media Matters.

So, nothing from the traditional media.

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