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MST3K: Episode K19 - Hangar 18

I'm watching all of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Information about that can be found here and here.

Episode K19: Hangar 18

First aired: KTMA on 14 May 1989

ZOMG there is an alien spaceship in Hangar 18!!1!
There's all kinds of crazy in this world. Some of it is good crazy. Like a guy who decides to create a TV show about him and two robots being forced to watch bad movies in space. You gotta admit, that's crazy. But good crazy.

Then there's bad crazy. Like people who watch a movie and decide that it's all real. Like people who watch Michael Moore or Al Gore movies. Or people who watch movies about the government covering up evidence of aliens.

Hangar 18 is one of those government alien conspiracy movies that was at the forefront of movement. In 1978, the whole Roswell aliens thing took off, and this movie capitalized on that -- and helped make it worse.

Everybody got all blowed up at the end. Or did they?
The version of Hangar 18 isn't the original theatrical release, where everybody died and the cover-up was successful, but the edit-for-television version where some survived and the cover-up was exposed. I'm not sure how that played into the conspiracy movement. Probably not. Nuts is nuts.

In this episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the two crazies collide. Only one survived. And, as always, it was Joel & the Bots.

My copy is rather dark. That made it really hard to see J&tB in the corner. It always helps, on a bad movie, to see J&tB in the corner. It helps me realize I'm not alone.

Shortest. Opening. Ever. Joel tells the name of the movie and yells "Movie sign!" and we're underway.

Since it's a space movie, they got to do the Far-Out Space Nuts joke, "Did you say 'lunch?'"

The thing is, there aren't a lot of great riffs. But, overall, good riffs. A couple of instances where you could tell it was mostly ad-lib, but they work well together.

While the movie was bad, something good came from this episode. We did find out what "Crow" stands for.

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Oh. It was just a joke. Or was it?

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