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MST3K: Episode K07 - Gamera vs Zigra

I've taken up the task of watching all the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. If you want some background on this little adventure, you can read this and this.

Episode K07: Gamera vs Zigra

First aired: KTMA on 1 January 1989

If I hadn't seen lots of other MST3K episodes over the years, I might think the show was just about Gamera movies. This is episode seven. The first three episodes are "lost" -- no copies are known to exist -- and all the ones we've covered during this project to date have starred that flying turtle from Japan, Gamera.

The Mads make an ad
Since Trace Beaulieu is back, they thaw out Crow, and he joins Joel and Servo in the theater. Oh, and I enjoyed the "oil can" joke. And, we finally get to meet the Mad Scientists. And, it seems, there's some sort of Pepsi placement things going on -- but maybe that's an equal-time provision because of the movie brat's obsession with Coke. We do get to hear Crow say "dickweed" for the first time.

The riffing is beginning to resemble the type of riffing I remember. Fewer "Well, that's stupid!" kind of comments and more verbal interaction with the screen: Character: "Don't you look at television?" Riff: "Yes, it's like radio with pictures."

Something for the dads that took their kids to see the movie.
It's a Japanese Silly Monster Movie. With a head villain named Zigra on the planet Zigra and a monster names Zigra. Or something. And a lot of other silly stuff, not much of it good.

Then again, any silly plotline that finds a way to get Eiko Yanami into a bikini can't be all that bad.

The copy of the movie I have had several bad VHS spots in it, making it painfully obvious that it was an over-the-air recording.

The show, though, is beginning to flow. Not as many "dead spots" -- stretches without a riff -- and good interaction between the riffers.

Oh, and they finally sang part of the "Gamera" song. It played in the background during a Gamera rescue of the snot-nosed kids in the boat, and they picked up on it.

The local commercials in the show are a throw-back to the old days of TV, like George & Gracie suddenly telling the tax assessor about Carnation milk. It's also a reminder that Season Zero was truly local TV.

Looking at the schedule, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is the next movie is another Gamera movie. The good news is the next movie is the last Gamera movie of the season. And, maybe more of the Gamera song.

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