Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The largest

Photo: NASA / ESA / Andrew C. Fabian / Remco C. E. van den Bosch (MPIA)
Scientists have found a really large thing in a distant galaxy. They took a year to study and recheck the data, and they're pretty convinced that this really big things exists.

The galaxy known as NGC 1277 -- though I don't think the people that live there call it that -- is about 250 million light years from Earth. In the middle of it, is a really large black hole.
The giant black hole is about 11 times as wide as the orbit of Neptune around our sun, researchers said. The mass is so far above normal that the scientists took a year to double-check and submit their research paper for publication, according to the study's lead author, Remco van den Bosch.
Now, unless you just happen to know the size of the orbit of Neptune, all you can know is that it's pretty big. My math is that Neptune's orbit is around 5.6 zillion miles. Maybe billion -- I'm not that good at math. And 11 times that is ... well, it's a lot.

And that's a black hole. The thing is huge.

But, is it the largest thing there is?

I think not. I can think of a few things that might be larger, either in size or mass.

Like what? I'm glad you asked.
  • The debt
  • Obama's ego
  • Liberal stupidity
  • The handbasket the country is going to hell in
  • Your tax bill
  • Next year's debt
What did I miss? Ideas?

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