Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Token resistance

I love playing Monopoly. It's really fun and really frustrating.

One of my prize possessions is one of the anniversary editions of the game that included some really cool things like wooden houses and hotels, plus extra tokens. The kids gave it to me several years ago. I got some awesome kids.

Anyway, like I was saying, I love the game. But Hasbro, who owns the game, is getting ready to do away with one of the tokens.

They can't just add a new token, like has been done over the years, they have to do away with a token. And, one of my favorites is on the chopping block.

Hasbro is taking votes for the token to keep. Currently, my favorite token, Top Hat, has the next to fewest votes. Wheelbarrow is in last place.

The tokens up for replacement are:
  • Race Car
  • Thimble
  • Shoe
  • Dog
  • Battleship
  • Top Hat
  • Iron
  • Wheelbarrow
Which makes me wonder: where are Cannon and Horse & Rider? Did they already do away with them? Was it because they have military connections? And why didn't I know about this?

Anyway, they are voting for new tokens. One of those will replace the classic token:
  • Robot
  • Diamond Ring
  • Cat
  • Helicopter
  • Guitar
Here's what they look like:
Image from
But, are these really good tokens to add to the Monopoly game? Are there any better ones that could be used?

What do you think would be good tokens to add to Monopoly?

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