Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fast food for slow people

AP Photo/Burger King
Have you seen the latest from Burger King? They call it the French Fry Burger.

It's a burger... with french fries on it. Really.

Now, I understand that Burger King is in a war with McDonald's, trying to get you to put your dollars in their hands. They do this, of course, offering something of value to you. (I have to explain that, in case there are any Obama voters reading this, since they have no idea of how business works. If they did, they wouldn't be Obama voters.)

Anyway, they're putting the French Fry Burger on their Value Menu, pricing it at $1 so you'll spend your money there.

Only, you gotta wonder who comes up with these ideas. Take a four-year-old to Burger King, buy him a small burger meal, and there's a chance he'll lift up the bun and put some french fries on the burger.

So, in their latest salvo in the Burger Wars, Burger King is breaking out a strategy that a four-year-old would come up with.

I'm thinking that the wrong restaurant chain has a clown as a mascot.


  1. This is a crime against Solanum tuberosum.

  2. If you order that do they still ask "would you like fries with that?" and if you answer "no" do you get a plain burger?

  3. "Have It Your Way, Which We've Just Caught Onto."

  4. The idea is that you get at least a taste of fries without having to spend an extra $1.29. I, for one, think this is brilliant - I never want more than a few fries anyway, because once they are no longer very, very hot they are not very good. I just spent a ton of money keeping my truck on the road, and money will be scarce for the next few months - I am totally getting one of these. Burger and fries for a buck - I love capitalism.

  5. For those of us too fat and lazy to pick up a fry. Problem solved.

    Ever since they removed the lard from the fry-a-lator, fries have not been good anyway, so why would I want a nasty fry on my burger?

    Now top those fries with some On-yon rings, and you may be onna sumpin. /Fat Cajun


  6. So. Nobody's going to admit they had to look-up "Solanum tuberosum." Pffft.

  7. @6 - I recognized "tuber", so I just assumed it was genus & species of some sort of potato.

  8. My son has been doing this for years. You mean he was onto something?


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