Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Instagram says you can't use their name in your name. Or any part of their name in your name.

Which brings up the question: What the heck is Instagram?

I looked, and I think it's a place where you take pictures of coffee cups with a Polaroid Swinger and put them up for other people to see. I think there might be more to it than that, but I'd have had to looked at more coffee cups, and honestly, I just ... um ... no.

Anyway, since Polaroid coffee cups are the big thing now or something, Instagram is huge. And they came out with a policy that says you can't use "Gram" or "Insta" in your name.

Anybody ask Glenn Reynolds about this?

Okay, I know. Here I am defending Instapundit, the blender of puppies, the killer of hobos, worshiper of Satan, dancer of the Robot, commie spy. Oh, and he's a Law Professor. Like Obama. Except that Obama wasn't a Professor. And Glenn Reynolds really went to college.

Besides, "defending" may be too strong a word. I'm actually thinking that Instagram is stupid. At least their policy about saying they'll sic a whole team of lawyers on you if you use "Insta" in your name.

That and the whole coffee cup thing.

Still, I kinda feel like I'd like to see the two go at it. Glenn Reynolds would take Instagram to the cleaners. And, if that happened, Instagram might get all that coffee out.


  1. I once sent a telegram. Should I be worried?

  2. be really nice to see the instapundit thump them. or them try to get him to stop.

  3. Tell it to Kodak, the inventor of the "Instamatic" camera eons ago.

  4. Dang. Now i cant even drink INSTAnt coffee.

    Not that i would want to.

    We've secretly replaced the sanity you've been experiencing with idiotic drivel. Lets see if anyone notices.

  5. This is why no one's heard any anything out of Gram Parsons for 40 years. This and also the fact that he's dead.

  6. InstaGram is twitter for people who can't read.

  7. I believe that I am insta-insulted. I truly dion't insta-care what these gram-stains tell me. I will insta-use insta-anything I insta-well please.

    Okay wait, what was that company I am irritated with again?

  8. Well, then. Perhaps we should also be prohibited from using "Face" and "Book" and "Twit" and "Goo."

  9. "Still, I kinda feel like I’d like to see the two go at it. Glenn Reynolds would take Instagram to the cleaners."

    Hmmm. Heh. Indeed.

  10. Instagram is porn for and by people who can't point their cameras where they want to. It's main benefit is to be used by nervous perverts to help insurance adjusters after a natural disaster.


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