Monday, August 12, 2013

Wild Google Chase

I've written about the Google Chromecast, twice, and think it's a pretty good device. Apparently, a lot of other people do, too. Google sold out pretty quick, and Amazon has a 2-3 month wait on them.

And that gave me an idea: eBay.

Not to buy one. To sell one. Or several.

Only, I kinda think I want to have my own. And, I need more than one in order to sell one. So, how to sell something I don't have? That's easy to answer: get one. Or several.

But, they're sold out right?

Well... maybe.

I noticed that when I went to Best Buy and looked it up, the local store in Columbus showed "unavailable" as did the next nearest store, in Auburn. Actually, it's in Opelika, but they think it's cooler to say Auburn. War Damn Eagle, I suppose.

Anyway, I expanded the search, and what do you know. The store in Montgomery, 84 miles away, is the only store that doesn't show "unavailable." But, it's "in-store only." You can't buy it online, you have to go to the store.

So, I hopped in the car and drove my happy ass over to Montgomery. The thing is, I was there just a few days earlier. I had gone to a baseball game in Montgomery the previous weekend, but didn't think to check the Best Buy there. I thought about it on the way back, and drove the extra couple of miles taking the route through Auburn so I could stop by the Best Buy there. And, as mentioned, Best Buy in Auburn/Opelika was out.

So, this past week, I went to the Best Buy in Montgomery, walked in, and said I wanted a Chromecast.

"Oh, we're sold out of those."

"Your Website says you have them." I showed him. "I drove over from Columbus for one."

"Um, you should've called first."

"As much as y'all sell technology, y'all ought to be able to use it to keep your Website up to date. The other stores say they're out."

"Um, let me check stock to make sure."

He checks.

"We're out of stock."


I left, went to McDonald's, and had a Big Mac, trying to figure out if I wanted to let anyone know what I had done.

So, now you know what I done. Only, did I drive 84 miles for nothing, or 84 miles for a Big Mac? Unless McDonald's wants to give me Big Macs for life, I'm not sure that one's any better than the other.


  1. I wouldn't even drive 84 miles for White Castle. So go with "nothing."

  2. Did you check McDonald's website to see if Big Macs were available at that location?

    Likely, even if you had called, they would still have been sold out by the time you got there.

  3. I've BEEN to that Best Buy. All I can that I wouldn't expect their website to be any closer to "updated" than about 2 or 3 weeks behind. I mean...did you notice how long it took to get your Big Mac? In WI it's usually about 2 minutes. When I order "fast food" down there I bring a book. :)

  4. Look at the bright side Basil:

    14 "people" at the NSA will deduct your mileage.

    You didn't get stuck with a product from Google.

    You found an excuse for a Big Mac.

    Life is good!

  5. I've been dying to ask, and this is as inappropriate a time as any -

    Is it "Bay-zill" or "Bass-sell"?

    Asking the important questions...

  6. Ever watch Fawlty Towers? That way. And, of course, using Prunella Scales voice.

  7. I've been to MacDonald's twice in my life and threw-up both times.


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