Friday, August 30, 2013

Sorry, wrong number

So, this past Saturday morning, I had my day interrupted by a text. Wrong number, as it turns out. And that always brings up how best to handle those. I should just respond and let the person know they have a wrong number.

I should. But I don't always.

I felt like screwing around Saturday:

I know my response probably wasn't a good idea. But, maybe there was a way to have some fun that would have been better.

So, ideas? What should my response have been?


  1. Jeff in South DakotaAugust 30, 2013 at 6:19 AM

    "key in"

  2. "WTF?! We're almost there!"

    "No prob. Will go in thru back door."

    "Ok. I'll leave it in your driveway."

    "K. BTW, did you want ALL your trees cut?"

  3. "Banks dead dude -- Louie the Lizard will pick u up"

  4. "The loot is right where you stashed it, do you want that we should move the body?"

  5. "U R out, bank? Get a job!"

    "Pick me up a Benjamin"

  6. "Bank? What is bank?"

    This is the NSA. Freeze. We will pick you up momentarily.

  7. "Sorry, message meant 4 Stu."

    U tryin to cut me out?


    Who the F*ck is Stu?


    Stu totally gave you up . . . better run.

  8. "OK. At your place. Will start w/o U."

    "No worries. Neighbor called the fire dept. Almost out now."

    "OK. We'll be gone when you return."

  9. About time... I always knew you were gay...

    Does that mean you're going to marry your "best friend".

  10. "Ditch the phone and meet at Bennie's. Don't forget password this time."

  11. Don't wry bout Stu, he got the message

  12. Stu is no longer with us. I'm Hank.

    You'll be dealing with me now, and you better have the money.

  13. "Yr out, eh? Wht took u so long, u lazy poof? Pryd mnth wuz bk n Jun!"

    "Bank's dead. Whitey heard what he did and ordered it from inside. U better run!"

    "Go back in. FBI snipers have a lock on you."

    "Good 4 U! Now don't forget it's 2 pepperoni and 1 Canadian bacon. Lodgepole, Giggles and Rifle Rob r getting hungry!"


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