Monday, September 30, 2013


So, the government is gonna shut down?



Here's what I don't understand, though, and I'm hoping some of the smart people around here can explain it to me.

The government doesn't really shut down. Some of it keeps going. I think they say "essential services" stay running, but a lot of government employees will be sent home, according to news reports:
If Congress fails to fund the federal government by Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year, the government will go into partial shutdown. Some government functions – those deemed essential – will continue as usual, while others will be suspended. If a shutdown proceeds the way it would have in 2011 (had the last funding impasse had not been resolved in time), 800,000 of 2.1 million federal employees would be furloughed.
And that's what I don't understand. Why is the government doing anything other than essential services in the first place? I mean, if it's not essential, why is the government doing it?

That's easy. Because people want you and me to pay for their stuff. It's totally unreasonable to expect people who want things to actually go out and get a job and buy stuff, when they have the government spending other people's money to give them things.

Now, the media is gonna play this whole thing as the mean ol' Republicans -- especially those influenced by the Evil Tea Party -- not caring for women and babies and such.

But don't blame the GOP. Or the TEA Party.

Blame me. I'd love to get credit for shutting down non-essential government services. So, if you're one of those leeches that live off the government and you're impacted by the shutdown of non-essential services, maybe you're non-essential.

So go make yourself essential, grow up, and become a productive member of society.

Or be your normal self. As long as the non-essential services aren't supplying non-essential people with non-essentials, I'm good with it.


  1. Wall Street Journal had a great little sidebar this morning on what a govt 'shutdown' would mean. Social Security checks still go out, Postal Service still runs, air traffic control still works, active military goes on, FBI stays at it. BUT EPA does major furloughs. NLRB cuts back. IRS has to cancel many audit appointments. Forgive me, I'm having trouble finding the downside here.

  2. It seems like they're very selective about what "shuts down." If the Federal Government's giant check-writing machine continues to operate, then it ain't "shut down."

  3. After the deprivations visited upon us by the sequester earlier this year you'd think the people would be up in arms about a shut down. Maybe we are still recovering from the shock of having a few federal employees furloughed for a couple of days.

  4. I just want them to stop the teasing. E-Nuff of this NewSpeak gar-baage'. Either it closes or it does not.

    Just make up your minds and 'do something', even if it is deemed 'wrong'.

    America needs a show that everyone can watch and has some kinda' interest in.

    If this is not 'it', what in bloody hell is ?

    ....but please, keep that creepy 'Reid' guy off the screen. Personal Skin Crawling/Rectal Itching always results when he comes on.

    ....and Princess Pelosi should have one of those 'foggy things' over her face whenever she's on,

    as there is nothing redeeming about showing 'that' to us...and the sound track accompanying her is really not all that much to listen to....

  5. "Why are you shutting it down?"

    "I am shocked, SHOCKED to find there is Government going on here!"

  6. I think Kevvie is on to something. Pixelate Pelosi now! It's for the children!

  7. Why isn't the first thing shut off when there's a government "shutdown" free everything for Obama voters? Most of them could live for a month on their excess fat alone and they're the reason there's any national debt in the first place. Talk about 'non-essential'.

    Synonyms for non-essential:







    excess baggage








  8. Like I said elsewhere: "we send home a bunch of employees we obviously didn't need in the first place."


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