Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NBC News is now legal

Earlier this month, a new law went into effect that essentially neutralizes the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act from 1987. What that means is that it's no longer illegal for U.S. government propaganda to be broadcast in the United States.

Those earlier laws kept U.S. government broadcasts from internal consumption. Radio Free Europe, for instance, couldn't be broadcast internally, just at and in other countries. But, it's a lot bigger than beaming the Drifters' "On Broadway" at people. It means that government-authored news can now be broadcast at Americans. Of course, NBC, CNN, CBS, and ABC have been official organs of the U.S. government since Obama took office.

People wanting to avoid news authored by the White House can no longer simply avoid NBC or the other channels.

What's left? Well, Fox News. Maybe. I actually look for government propaganda to crack that nut soon.

No, the only bastion of truly reliable news, fake or otherwise, is here. You can always depend on us to keep you informed. Or at least, intelligently misinformed.


  1. "On Brrroadvayyy"

  2. Is Radio Free America to become Radio Captive America?

  3. I wonder how much that free radio costs us.

  4. So the next step will be to put the entire left wing media on the government payroll, consolidate them all into one organization, and rename them "Pravda".

  5. Next up, since propaganda is now legal, financial incentives (read taxes) to be imposed on anyone not tuned in to the approved channels...10% levy on anyone listening to Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc., since all good American citizens simply must get their minds right, be unified, and avoid dissenting opinions.

    Welcome to the repeat of 1930s Germany. Heil Obama, unser machtiger Fuhrer!

  6. And the difference is...?

  7. And the difference is…?

    Vatt? You dare kvestchun zee troot vass aus von Der Weiss Haus ge-comin' iss?! Do not kvestchun zee vort uff Our Leader! Vatt, you zum kinda racist?! Vee hier at Attaken Vatch(c) vant to zee your papers! Mach schnell, Amerikaner peasant person!

  8. IMAO: Intelligently Misinformed

  9. So, you claim that you have not yet begun to spew the approved pap at IMAO? Don't worry your pretty little heads. The negotiators are on their way with pockets full of taxpayer's dollars. Soon enough, you too will 'see the light' and begin to tell us all the proper path. How much do you need to sing the praises of Obamacare?

  10. IMAO: Intelligently Misinformed

    Nein! Iss inschtett be-ink Intelligently DISinformed!

    Disinformation Uber Alles!


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