Monday, July 15, 2013


George Zimmerman is guilty!!1!! At least, that's the word from the oh, so well-informed band of lefties that are still allowed to roam free.

And, to some degree, they're right.

Zimmerman's crimes? Having a "Z" on the wrong end of his last name.

You see, if his last name had been Lopez, Rodríguez, Gonzalez, or some other name in keeping with his mother's Peruvian background, he wouldn't have confused people into thinking he was white. And, for that, George Zimmerman must be held accountable.

Another of Zimmerman's crimes? Being half-white. His father is white, you see. Having one white parent and one non-white parent gets you branded as white. Unless it's your mother that's white and your father is from Kenya. Zimmerman should have chosen his parents more carefully, and should be held accountable.

Another thing Zimmerman did wrong is not have a made-up first name. Like Trayvon. You see, having a name that extends back beyond 1966* means that he and his parents are racist. Or something. And, the fact that his parents named him after George W. Bush shows just how racist they are. And, for that, George M. (an upside-down "W"!!1!) Zimmerman must be held accountable.

But, George Zimmerman isn't the only one to blame for things. The prosecution, for instance, tried to paint Zimmerman as a racist, but completely failed to mention that he's a registered Democrat. Now, I don't know about you, but most of the Democrats I know are racist.

Now, I know what some of your are thinking: Zimmerman's politics shouldn't be considered in determining his guilt. But, this trial was about much more than justice. It was about falling in line with a narrative, and the prosecution, bless their hearts, as hard as they tried, just did a poor job of accomplishing that. And, on account of it, an innocent man goes free.

There's no justice in the world, I tell you.


  1. Now, I know what some of your are thinking: Zimmerman’s politics shouldn’t be considered in determining his guilt.

    If you think that way you'll never get a job with the IRS.

  2. ironically, as a registered Democrat, if Zimmerman had it his way he'd be in jail now.

  3. Zimmerman found not guilty! Let the liberal whining and sniveling begin.

  4. Now that he's been acquitted, will the Men's Warehouse take him back as CEO?

  5. Someone asked on radio what is going to be enough in the Zimmerman case. What's going to be enough is Zimmerman dead or in jail for life, nothing will ever be enough for the Sharptons, the Jackson and the rest of the black elite. Of course the three guys who raped and murdered a young woman for her tips around the same time need to be rehabilitated and it's societies fault they're psychopaths. Let's all jump on the tolerance bandwagon for them.

  6. Ming the MercilessJuly 15, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    Remember when Meir Kahane was murdered, his assassin Nosair was acquitted and his JDL followers arrested instead...

    Then they were conveniently "suicided" in Jail(tossed all together from the fourth floor...)

  7. What may have been a tacit factor in the Leftist rage against Zimmerman is the fact that his name sounds like someone who could be running a deli or tailor's the knee-jerking could've originated from the ragers thinking, initially, that Zimmerman! Thus ginning up the Jewish vs. Black / Jewish oppressing Black, hater scenario.

    Facts and truth, being anathema to the Left, being, always, trumped by the emotional.

    Creepy assed cracka? Creepy assed matzoh, regardless of the fact that he might be goyisch as Wonder Bread and Latin as a churro.

    You know it probably bummed out a few race-baiters that they couldn't hang the Joooo tag on Zimmerman.


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