Thursday, July 25, 2013

Attacking Jimmy Carter

I've met Jimmy Carter. Couple of times, actually. He's a nice enough fellow, I guess, though I didn't spend any extended period of time with him. Little meet, shake hands, exchange a word or two, and that was it. So, while I've met him, I certainly don't know him.

Would Jimmy Carter tell a lie? Well, he's a Democrat politician, so I really don't need to answer that question for you, right? But, the former president tells Larry J. Sabato that he's had death threats.
"I have had two or three threats to my life after I came home from the White House," Carter said in the highly-anticipated book due out October 22.
Yeah, I'm kinda thinking this whole thing is to sell a book.

I don't want to downplay threats against former presidents, but who would want to harm Jimmy Carter? Sure, I'd like to see him shut the hell up, but that's not the same thing. I certainly don't want any harm to come to the man. Not even anything like the harm he did America during his presidency.

And, sure, there are crazy people in this world that will do harm to people for reasons unknown. So, you can't dismiss any viable threat. But just what are those threats?

Consider this: Jimmy Carter was once attacked by a rabbit back in 1979. Is Mother Nature behind those threats to the former Chief Executive?

Humans are crazy, but often forgiving. And, as deadly as humans can be, we don't always try to kill our former presidents. I don't know of anyone who would wish physical harm on Jimmy Carter.

But Mother Nature? She's mean. She doesn't care. She'll kill babies at a rate almost as fast an abortion doctor or other Democrat heroes. Maybe she has put out contracts on Jimmy Carter.

I hope he stays safe. Some rabbits have a vicious streak a mile wide and possess nasty big pointy teeth.

I kinda feel sorry for the Secret Service. Keeping Jimmy Carter, or anyone, safe from Mother Nature isn't as easy as 1, 2, 5. Maybe if he went to another planet. Maybe Obama's home planet would be safe for Carter. And maybe Obama would escort him there. I hear the golfing there's good.


  1. I never saw the movie "Get Carter," but maybe his Secret Service detail should.

    Then they should lock up Sylvester Stallone. Not because of the film, though.

  2. Carter is Carpenter minus the pen. Nuts, but ignorable.

  3. "isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 5"

    Bacon for working in that reference.

    Unrelated - who do you think will *finally* die first - Carter or Castro?

    Either way, I've got my grave-dancing shoes shined up & ready to go...

  4. It was the rabbits, but they use Squirrels as their button men.

  5. Shut up and go change your armor!

  6. According to the review copy I saw, he got a mysterious letter written in poor penmanship:

    "this is your last warning you stop with the peanuts and start with hay carrots potatoes pumpkins and stuff like that or next time we are taking you down goober boy -- tell mcgregor he is next"

  7. Who threatened jimmah carter?! Was it

    ike and Tina Turner?

    The Rabbit from Cave Bannock?

    The 1972 Atlanta Falcons?

    Will the rabbits eat the peanuts?! Will the Semites party like its 1999.95? And how will barry interject himself into this hostory?

    Tune in next time for an all new episode of "Dang I am out of gas!"

  8. Before the 2008 election, and since he was a near-perfect example of presidential incompetency, I would've said that we should do everything we can to protect former President Jimmy Carter because it would be kind of like the National Institute of Standards and Technology protecting the nation's benchmarks for weights and measures. Since Mr. Obama was elected, not so much....

  9. It's the Russians, of course!

    (about 1:34 it gets good!)

    "Gravity is a harsh mistress!"

  10. I've never cared enough about Jimma' to want to meet him much less ice him. Seriously this guy is such an nonentity I can't imagine anyone caring enough to hate him. There are so many more obnoxious, nasty, criminally stupid, individuals out there just looking for a place to get whacked that Jimma' seems like he might be trippin'. Just sayin'.

  11. People/things who might want Jimmy Carter toes-up ?

    ** Any Israeli veteran.

    **Most any Israeli

    ** Tip O'Neil's ghost.

    ** !/2 the state of Georgia.

  12. “I have had two or three threats to my life after I came home from the White House,” Carter said in the highly-anticipated book due out October 22. What are the threats for and for what purpose Jimmy Carter declare the threats now? I am not sure. But I am do sure the damage of human rights done by some guys supported by Jimmy Carter. What the damage is not the threats life in the declaration by using mouth but the murder in reality by using medical skills. For the damage and the sake of support, Jimmy Carter must repent for the glory and grace of God love him. If this is not the Jimmy Carter's faith What is Jimmy Carter's deeds. What does Jimmy Carter love, the business of making money or the salvation of forgiveness?


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