Friday, July 19, 2013

What about my state?

Jesse Jackson wants to boycott Florida.

So, just how does that work?
"I'm a lying, trouble-making, race-baiting, shakedown artist, con man. I'm going to ask people who support me to boycott Florida."
Does that mean Florida doesn't have to deal with people who look up to lying, trouble-making, race-baiting, shakedown artist, con men?

Florida wins.

How can Georgia get in on this?

Maybe we can do like Florida. No, I don't mean some black teen getting shot. I mean, sure, there are lots of black teens getting shot in every state, including Georgia. Only, it's usually other blacks doing the shooting. And, while that in and of itself is a major problem, it doesn't address the issue of how to keep Jesse Jackson and his ilk away.

What I mean by doing like Florida is do nothing special. I'm sure Jesse Jackson will get his panties in a wad over something and call on a boycott of Georgia eventually. I just want to know how to hurry that along.

Maybe he'll notice our state flag.

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