Monday, July 22, 2013

Let me screw up your state, too

The cartoon I posted this morning at IMAO kinda hits a nerve with me.

I thought I told this story earlier, but I can't find that I did. So, you're gonna have to put up with it now. And you have no one to blame but yourself for reading it.

Anyway, I was driving into work one day -- this was a couple of years ago -- and I got behind a car with a Michigan tag. It also had an Obama sticker on it.

I prepared to turn at a light, and the vehicle in front of me, with the Michigan tag and Obama sticker, turned the same way. Next light, same thing. And, sure enough, drove into the parking area at work just ahead of me.

Now, I'm thinking, sure, our company is doing good, and hiring people from all over. But this is going too far.

Somebody from Michigan been voting Democrat, and then they're having economic issues because, and then they need to move 800 miles south to get a job?

Okay, I'm fine, so far. They screwed up -- screwed up bad -- and now know better, right? No, they dumb as ever. They brought their Obama sticker with them.

That politics that screwed up their state, they're bringing to my state, and now they're going to screw it up, too.

Anyway, that's why the cartoon last hour kinds resonates with me. The image of the dominoes falling worries me, if they make my state one of those dominoes, too.

Maybe something will fall on them. The most appropriate thing for what to fall on an Obama voter? Dorothy Gale's house.


  1. They will pop the seed corn, smear it with caramel, suck it down, and then come looking for yours.

  2. Come to think of it, that's what New York did to Vermont and what Massachusetts is doing to New Hampshire. If Calvin Coolidge were born in Vermont today---well, he'd probably move to Texas.

  3. Problem is, they're taking over Texas. 750 people a DAY move into Austin. We now have a formal ban on those evil deadly disposable grocery bags. In Texas, for cryin out loud. I cringe every time I see a Prius with California plates and an Obama sticker. Which is WAY too often these days.

  4. I live in South Dakota and have seen similar pattern here. They have this thought "wow, there is a strong job market and good economy. I should move there." then they get here and thing "wow, what a bunch of closed minded, backwards, conservative hicks. We have to change things so they are more like where I came from." Then, when there are enough of them voting to change things to be like things were back home, the job market tanks and the economy goes down hill "just like back home". The closest comparison I can think of is cancer.

  5. @4 - Not quite - cancer isn't contagious.

    I'm thinking liberals are more like smallpox-infected blankets.

  6. Still my favorite bumper sticker:


  7. Yep - drop the house. But use the one with the half moon on the door.

  8. Maybe we should buy up a section of the outskirts of Detroit (would cost maybe three hundred bucks), wall it, and set up an anti-commune. Call it Galtville. We'll start taking back the places they're abandoning.

  9. That's why I climb up on top of the Primm rollercoaster with my 30-ought. Keep those goddamned Californians out.

  10. Same thing's happening in Virginia, largely thanks to liberals in northern VA creeping ever further south.


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