Saturday, September 1, 2007

Catfish rained out ... again

For the second night in a row, the Columbus Catfish have been rained out. Because of the rain all day in Savannah, the doubleheader against the Sand Gnats (Mets) has been postponed.

For now, the Catfish and Savannah are scheduled to play two games Sunday evening ... and two games Monday afternoon.

The reason I say "for now," is that the weather forecast calls for an 80% chance of rain at game time. Actually, it calls for rain all day, including tomorrow night.

What happens if one or more games is canceled, not just postponed?

Charleston will be hopping mad, that's what. Because a cancellation ... as opposed to a postponement ... would give the Catfish the 2nd half division championship.

You see, Charleston is vying for the final playoff spot in the South Atlantic League, along with the Catfish. In the North, West Virginia won the first half, and Hickory won the second half. In the South, Augusta won the first half, and the Catfish lead the race in the second half.

The other team still in the race is Charleston. And, with three games against Rome left on their schedule, the River Dogs are 39-28, a .582 winning percentage. If they win their three remaining games with Rome, they'd end up 42-28, which is a .600 percentage.

The Catfish, with an earlier game against Kannapolis canceled ... and not to be made up ... have 4 games against Savannah left on their schedule. They are 41-24 (.631) ... and if they lose all 4 games, they would end up 41-28 (.594).

However, if one game is canceled, the worst they could do is 41-27 (.603). And that's better than Charleston can do. Because .603 is a better winning percentage than .600 ... at least it is around here.

So, unless the Catfish lose 4 games, they win the second half. If they win just one game, they're in. If they don't play one of their remaining games, they're in. If Charleston loses a game, the Catfish are in.

Now, I'd rather see the Catfish win 4 games.

But I won't see them win any tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I thought Charleston was done last night. Down 3-2 in the 8th. But they go out and score 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th. Maybe they'll lose tonight. Did you see Buckholtz. aka Johnny Laptop, get the no hitter? Hard to believe a year ago he was playing in Columbus on a Sunday afternoon in front of 50 people.

  2. Yeah, I was hoping Charleston would have lost. That way, they wouldn't be trying to make those fellows play back-to-back doubleheaders to end the season. If Columbus clinched ... or Charleston was eliminated ... they'd have canceled at least one of those games, I'm sure.

    They may not get an option. The forecast for Savannah today? Rain.

  3. Is the suspense killing you yet, Basil?

  4. I'm handling it.

    The Wife, on the other hand, didn't plan on being in southeast Georgia for ... what? ... three days now.

  5. Looks like all games with Savannah have been cancelled, per their website. What are they gonna do now?

  6. Catfish Clinch!!!!

    The Columbus Catfish have clinched the SAL second-half Southern Division title. After the last regular season series was rained out in Savannah, the Catfish are officially in the post-season. Game one against Augusta is Wednesday.


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