Friday, February 29, 2008

Five Friday February

Today is the 5th Friday in February.

That don't happen much.

In fact, this is only the second time it's happened in my lifetime.

Of course, it's because February is usually only 28 days long, and that means only 4 of any named weekday in that month.

But this is a leap year. So February gets 29 days. And this year, it's a Friday.

So, it's a Five Friday February. And it only happens once every 28 years. Last time was 1980. Time before that was 1952, before I was born. Next time, by the way, will be 2036.

Friday means the end of the work week for most people in the U.S. And I'm fortunate enough to be in that group.

So, for the 5th time this month, I'm not saying it, but I'm thinking it: Thank God it's Friday.

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