Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pennsylvania Governor: "Whites Only, No Coloreds"

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell -- a supporter of New York Senator Hillary Clinton -- said White Pennsylvanians aren't ready to vote for a Black candidate.

I'm speechless.

Okay, I'm not really speechless.

Let's say, I'm amused.


Because it shows just how much the Democrats are cracking up. And I'm tickled pink to think that the Dems will self-destruct and keep the GOP in the White House.

Anyway, here's what the AP reports (via WBOC-TV):
The governor told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that some "conservative whites" are "probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate."

Rendell said that was likely a factor in his win over his black Republican challenger, ex-Pittsburgh Steelers football star Lynn Swann, in his re-election campaign. Several figures in Clinton's campaign, including her husband, have been criticized in recent weeks for raising Obama's race.
A long time ago, there were signs up at laundromats, water fountains, and such, that said "Whites Only" and "No Coloreds."

I grew up in Georgia in the 1960s. I never saw one of those signs with my own eyes.

But I've known people who would not vote for a Black candidate.

Of course, all of them always voted (and still vote) Democrat.

But there's not a lot of them around here. At least, I don't run into them much anymore.

Maybe they all moved to Pennsylvania and elected Ed Rendell.


  1. Man, this place keeps changing. Spring cleaning much?

    I grew up in Mississippi in the Sixties. I got to ride in the front of the bus too!

    There is still to this day, a "Colored" drinking fountain in Tabor Drugs where I grew up. No, it doesn't work, but it is there as a reminder.

    I am so grateful that there is someone else telling the truth about who is the true party of racism. I have been bleating that whenever I have the chance, but I have found that it does no good. Bean's dad, just last night, said that he was voting for Barry because he was Black.

  2. Oh, and Vicki, Basil voted for him. Wow, that kinda made me sick.

  3. Oh my ... I hadn't read this anywhere else! I'm so glad that wasn't a Southern governor or it'd be all over the news - even if he were an democrat.

    I know a few of those 'yellow dog democrats' you are talking about. They will vote democrat NO. Matter. What. I was talking to one the other day who was bragging about being a 'yella dawg democrat' and someone asked if he was in the KKK too. I thought the guys head was going to explode right then and there. He obviously hadn't followed the logic of his commitment to the democratic party all the way out to its logical end.

  4. Oh, I should have added that a southern governor would never say anything like that.

    I'm like you - born and raised in Ga and never ran into the kind of racism that we are accused of. I saw a lot more racism in the few years I lived up north than I ever did down here.

    You gotta love the South!


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