Sunday, February 17, 2008

"I went to the refrigerator twice and still didn't take my shoes off"

This morning was a very difficult morning.

You know, The Wife has chickens. And goats.

This morning began early. About 3:30. When the phone rang.

You see, her sister has goats, too.

And she called The Wife, who needed to go see about her sister's goat.

About 8:00, The Wife needed to see about her own goats.

Actually, about what her goats had done to her rooster.

Actually, what the goats had done to her rooster's pen.

See, The Wife had the rooster in a pen. A raised pen. On legs.

The goats thought it would be a good idea to turn it over. With the rooster inside.

We got the pen righted.

A little bit later, The Wife got a call from someone. I think it was our niece. Daughter of her sister with goats.

Sister-in-law had gone to work or something, and I think the niece wanted some help with a goat or something.

So, The Wife went to see about all that.

A little before 10:00, while The Wife was still over at her sister's house, I went to check on the goats and rooster.

The rooster was strutting around the chicken yard, having his way with all the slut hens The Wife is raising.

And a goat ... the male goat; there are two: one male, one female ... was in the rooster's pen.

In the raised pen. The one the goats had turned over earlier.

I decided to just leave him there.

The Wife just came back from her sister's house. She saw the goat in the raised pen.

She decided to just leave him there, too.

In the process of things, she opened the refrigerator door twice. Once to see how long it took to microwave Jimmy Dean biscuits. Wasn't sure why she opened the door the other time.

As she headed to the back of the house, she stopped, got that "Oh, my Gosh!" look on her face. Sighed. Walked back into the kitchen saying, "I went to the refrigerator twice and still didn't take my shoes off."

I thought it best not to ask what that meant.

But I'm going out for supper tonight.

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