Saturday, February 9, 2008

What the ACU thinks of the candidates

I wrote earlier about what the ACLU thinks about the 4 members of Congress that are running for President.

The ACU -- that's the American Conservative Union -- rates the candidates, too.

Here's the ACU's lifetime rating for the four:

John McCain (R) 82.3
Ron Paul (R) 82.3
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (D) 9.0
Barack Hussein Obama (D) 8.0

I can't find any ratings for Mike Huckabee (R) or Mike Gravel (D), the other two candidates from the major parties. If you have any data on that, let me know, citing sources. I suspect Huckabee's rating would be similar to McCain's and Gravel's similar to Obama's, if not lower.

Being a conservative, I'm naturally drawn to the more conservative candidates. But not Ron Paul. He's crazy.

Of course, I'm now on board with McCain.

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  1. Hang on to your hat, Basil! Ron Paul may be about to ditch his campaign! That'll drive the Ronulans off the deep end.
    Remember, he's The Only Man Who Can Save America. NOT.


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