Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Voting early

Voted this morning.

And, like I said I would do, I voted in the Democratic primary. For Barack Hussein Obama.

The reason, of course, was to vote for the worst of the Democrats. And, yes, I think he's worse than Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Not much worse, but worse in one critical way. Talked about that earlier, too.

The idea in voting for the worst of the Democrats was to give whoever wins the Republican nomination an easier target.

Anyway, stood in line, waiting for the polls to open. Not a big line. I live in a small precinct.

But, when they opened the polls and I showed my ID and signed the Democrat paper, I noticed that, for the line I was in anyway, that more were voting on the Republican ballot than on the Democratic ballot. Over twice as many.

Now, I'm not sure that trend would hold throughout the day.

But, first thing in the morning, when most folks got to get to work, the early birds at the voting precinct were voting overwhelmingly on a Republican ballot.

That means one of two things.

Either others did what I was doing and trying to screw up the opposition -- and I don't think that's what was happening.

Or, the folks that actually get up early and work for a living are Republicans.

I expect more Democrats to have shown up later in the day. After all the folks that have jobs are at their jobs, and the Democratic demographic has free run of the streets.


  1. When hubby went to vote over here across the river, a gal at the polling place asked if he wanted to see a sample ballot, and he said "sure". She handed him a democrat ballot with Obama's name circled. He just handed it back to her.

    Oh Obama is going to be the popular candidate on the liberal side, just that the clinton machine is going to make sure she gets the delegates.

  2. And the school teachers and students vote later, too, so maybe you will have some company in the Barry camp.

    The spammer word thing is always funny to me, mine is "therapists" which I like to pronounce as The Rapists.

  3. Jo: Somehow, I'm not surprised. If I did that, I'd be hauled into court, trying to save my butt from prison.

    Two Dogs: Heh. From the look of things, lots of members of the Obama Nation voted today. And remember, I voted for him, not because I'm a member of the Obama Nation, but because he is an abomination.


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