Thursday, February 14, 2008

Racists for Obama

Some have accused Bill or Hillary Clinton of interjecting race into this year's presidential primaries.

I think that's wrong.

Oh, don't misunderstand me. I do not like Bill or Hillary Clinton. But I don't want anybody accused of something they're not guilty of.

Now, let's be clear. Racism has been brought into the campaign. But not by William Jefferson Clinton. Or by Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

By who? Okay, by whom?

By racists who support Barack Hussein Obama.

Yep, Obama is getting support from racists.

How could I say such a thing?

Stay with me, and I'll explain.

But first, let's look at a scenario.

Say that Candidate A is a White man, running for President.

And say that Candidate B is a Black man, running for President.

Voter C is going to the polls. He's White. And he votes for Candidate A, because he likes his position on the issues more than Candidate B's.

Voter D, another White man, votes for Candidate A. Not because he likes Candidate A's position better. He votes that way because Candidate A is White.

Voter E, a Black man, votes for Candidate B, because he likes his message better than he likes Candidate A's message.

Voter F, a Black man, votes for Candidate B, because Candidate B is Black.

Who is the racist?

There are some that would say D. They'd be half right.

The correct answer is D and F.

If Voter D is a racist for voting for the White guy just because he's White, then Voter F is a racist for voting for the Black guy just because he's Black.

Now, not all Blacks are voting for Obama just because he's Black. But some are.

Just like some are voting for Clinton because she's White.

How many?

Well, it's hard to tell. Because many say they're not voting for Obama "just because he's Black" but because of the issues.

But note that many use the word "just."

"Just because he's Black."

Which means that his race is a part of it.

And who's fault is that?

Not Clinton's (either one). And not Obama's.

It's the fault of the racists who are including race in their decision.

I picked on Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell the other day for saying that some Whites won't vote for Obama.

But Rendell is right. Some won't.

But some Blacks will vote for Obama because he's Black.

Racism is still with us. Always has been. Probably always will be. It's something we'll all have to battle.

Racists can be White. Racists can be Black. Racists can be any color.

Racism works both ways.

And it works to tear this country apart.


  1. [...] further, this, or rather, the marked absence of this sort of thing in the Obama campaign (pace Basil, I get your point, I just expect a higher level fo it from most Democrat candidates, and Obama [...]

  2. I have to jump ship with this one, Basil, people vote for Obama because they are stupid, not because they are racist. The racism comes from their stupidity and voting for him and his national suicidal policies are stupid, as well.

    And do you actually choose the spammer words? Because mine is "aura re-elected." This brings to mind the Democrats tendency to nominate an empty suit.

  3. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 02/15/2008 A short recon of what's out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

  4. Two Dogs: I'm not saying that every Black person who votes for Obama does it because they're racist. I'm saying that those who do it because he's Black are letting their racism show.

    I have know people that are a "little bit" racist. (Yeah, I know: like being a "little bit" pregnant.)

    That is to say, they do have racist tendencies. To them, race doesn't matter in many circumstances, but does in some. Not exactly segregationist, but do have racial boundaries.

    That's opposed to those that are "a lot" racist. Those are the ones that don't want anything to do with anyone from another race. Radical segregationists. Often to the point of violence.

    Both types are racist. Plus, there are some that are all along the scale in-between. So, there's lots of degrees of racism. Just that some are more racist than others.

    Anyone that votes for someone because of someone's race ... well, that's racist. Regardless of their race.

  5. Oh, Basil, I know that. Bean's dad told her the other night that he was voting for Barry because he was Black and she wigged out. I was just broadening the debate because in order to be racist, you have to be stupid and that is legitimately a problem with people backing Barry or Hillary. But, you did vote for him, so you get a free pass forever on the race issue.

  6. Well put, Basil. Very nice post.

    I'm not voting for either Hillary or Obama. Not because she's a woman, and not because he's black. I simply do not like their issues. I really don't relish our country being turned into a socialist state.

    Not that McCain is much better, mind you. Oh, how I wish we had a real choice in this election!!!

  7. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup...

    Happy Sunday! It is another fantastic day in America. The birds are chirping, a winterish chill is in the air, the Daytona 500 is going to be run today. Ah, to be in the best country in the world.
    Patriotic Puppy joins this lovely lady as drawn by Gil...

  8. Eric: Thanks. And, yes, once again, my candidate of choice didn't make it. But, we do have a choice. McCain is head and shoulders above anything the Dems have to offer.

  9. I don't relish the thought of having a negro president and I don't want some sissified old woman in charge of our nukes, however I may be forced to vote for this Obamma since McKane can't keep the mexicans and other foreener from stealing our good jobs. He been hanging around with leeberman a well known jew liberal.

  10. Oh, gosh, we sure cain't have the coloreds or the wimmin, but we darn sure cain't have them jewz running things, now, can we?

    You able to walk upright and chew chewing gum?

    Obama's problem isn't that he's a "Negro." It's that he's unqualified, and a Marxist to boot.

    Hillary's problem isn't that she's a woman. It's that she's unqualifed, and a socialist to boot.

    McCain, though not as conservative as I am -- President Bush isn't as conservative as I, nor was President Reagan, for that matter -- is clearly the most qualified candidate. Heck, he's the only qualified candidate running.

    Oh, and Lieberman's problem isn't that he's Jewish. It's that he's a liberal. Not on all issues. He's definitely in the right on national defense. Note that he's in the right, not on the right.

    Anyway, anyone that thinks Obama is a qualified candidate for president has bought into the hype, and hasn't looked at him.

    Now go away. You bother me.

  11. We are facing the worst economic melt down since the great depression. McCain says it should take first priority over politics. Obama says if you need me, call me, I'll be at the debate hall. Then, Obama says McCain should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. First of all, Obama has never set aside his personal ambition for the good of the country. He has no sense of priority. The economic problem is huge, will effect Americans for decades, and deserves more than a Presidential candidate's rubber stamp, or blank check. The walk and chew gum cliche is about as trite as Obama's slogans ... like 'change we can believe in'. Unlike Obama, McCain is responsible, and has genuine leadership qualities. Obama will say, or do anything to get elected. McCain puts Americans, and America above politics, and personal ambition. No Wright, no Pfleger, no Farrakhan, no Rezko, no Ayers, no mean Michelle, and NOBAMA !!!

  12. I hope there are racists voting for Obama because they are American.

    I am white and I have had at least as equally rocky road on race issues as most, and while I can't say I'm not racist I know I'll never saddle up and ride with the clan. Nor will I not hire a black man because he is black. I'd like to say I am colorblind, but I just don't think it is possible and it isn't true. That doesn't mean we can't be respectful to each other and get along. Hell, I'm not a woman but I get along with them just fine. Shit, I can't say that either. But I do love 'em.

    And I'm voting for Senator Obama.


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