Wednesday, February 6, 2008


tittie babyIn my lifetime, it's been mostly liberals ... and mostly Democrats ... that bellyache, moan, complain, and whine when things don't go there way.

Remember the 2000 election?

In case you forgot, the Republican candidate, George W. Bush, won the election.

Since the very first Presidential election in 1789, the person with the most electoral votes -- not popular vote -- becomes President. (Yes, I know. If no one has a majority, the House of Representatives gets to elect the President. Like what happened in 1825.)

Anyway, Al Gore and his supporters couldn't stand that they didn't get their way. And they bitched, moaned, and complained until ... heck, they're still bitching, moaning, and complaining.

But that's how many liberals are. Oh, not all. Some are fine people that have honest disagreements. But those are rare. Most are whining little tittie-babies.

However, this year, I've seen a situation that's unusual.

Conservatives ... and I am a conservative ... aren't getting their way in the primaries.

Arizona Senator John McCain isn't really a conservative. He's supported some conservative causes. And he's supported our President, even when President Bush's popularity has fallen. He's supported the troops throughout, despite predictions that it would doom his career.

No, McCain isn't a true conservative. And it looks like he might just be the Republican nominee.

Former governors Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, are more conservative, with Romney being the more conservative of the two. But neither has much of a chance to be the presidential nominee.

Of course, there's Ron Paul who's just plain nuts, as are most of his supporters. I try to ignore him, because he's worthy of being ignored.

Anyhow, McCain will likely be the nominee.

And many conservatives are getting their panties in a wad about it.

I'm not. I'm hanging loose. So to speak.

I'm not in favor of John McCain, but he's a darn sight better than whatever the Democrats will put up against him in November.

So, I'll have no problem voting for him. I mean, consider the alternatives.

Some conservatives are all whining about McCain. Some say they'll vote for the Democrat. Other's say they'll just sit home and not vote.

Neither is a very mature response to not getting one's way.

But it sure fits what a whiny tittie-baby would do.


  1. I agree! Get out and vote in the primary for the one you think is best suited to you. THEN, when the nominee is named, get behind him and back him. I hate to see all these so called conservatives saying they are going to support a Democrat if McCain gets the vote. And there is lots of them out there! They'd rather the Democrats be in complete control of the Presidency/Congress than back someone who isn't perfect. WELL, who is??

  2. Thank you. I've heard so much whining and pouting that I wasn't sure if anyone else felt this way. You've eased my worry that I was going crazy.

  3. In Mississippi, our vote in the primary doesn't count, we vote too late. I am not pumped up about this election, just like the Bob Dole one, but I will do my part, no matter how much it hurts. My money is just too important to me.

  4. You're right about the Bob Dole feeling. But, I still voted for Bob Dole because he was by far the better of the two candidates.

  5. Now with Romney out, I think the chances for a brokered convention on the GOP side are much less likely. As long as he picks someone very conservative (like, Basil, FRED!), then McCain will have a much better road to travel.
    On the Donks' side...pass the popcorn please while we sit and watch them blow up in Denver!

  6. Yes, indeed. It'll be the best reality show on TV. They could even call it "The Biggest Loser."

  7. I would like to correct you, if these whiners had actually been breast-fed perhaps they wouldn't be crying and moaning all the time. Tittie-babies are quiet babies. Just FYI, I was a long-time tittie baby, and in a certain regard I still am.

  8. C'mon, Bernie. You know good and well that "tittie baby" has nothing to do with actually being breast-fed.

    Though I certainly do appreciate the final point you made!

  9. Now THAT is what we need to be doing. If our guy doesn't make it, pick the best of the rest and support him.

    Denny: You ain't no tittie-baby. Your guy's out ... but you're still in it, advocating in a positive way your positions, making your wants know ... without whining!


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