Thursday, May 15, 2008

3,980 fans disguised as empty seats

Just in case anyone was wondering why this is the last year the Columbus Catfish will be the Columbus Catfish...

The photos on the left are photos I took between the 1st and 2nd pitches of tonight's ball game.

It's Thirsty Thursday. That means dollar beer.

And, no those are not 3,980 fans disguised as empty seats. Those are actual empty seats.

So, when the Catfish pack up and move to Bowling Green, Kentucky after the season is over, I won't be surprised.

They certainly aren't getting support from the local fans.

Or, worse, maybe they are. Maybe it's just that there are only a handful of baseball fans in the Columbus area. That would explain a lot.

Of course, I've heard all kinds of excuses.

One is that the ballpark is located in a "bad area." That's code for "Black folks and Mexicans live around there." Though those that say it's a "bad area" say that's not what they mean, it is.

Another excuse is that "it's only Single-A baseball." Well, Columbus had a Double-A team. And they left because of poor attendance.

And then there's the old "I'd go if it was a Braves team playing." Of course, the Braves team does play here a total of 12 times (out of 70 games) this year. And most of those that give the "if it was a Braves team" excuse don't come to those 12 games when the Braves team is playing here.

So, what's the real reason?

Simple. Most folks don't care.

And for that reason alone, Columbus is losing their baseball team.

Oh, and next year? I expect to hear lots of people complaining that there's nothing to do in town that's cheap, fun, and fit for the whole family.

Too bad they don't know about the Catfish. Or care.

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